Peplum Perfection



Get ready for the big trend this fall that’s just dressy enough.  But, can be casual in it’s own way.  What is a peplum, you might ask.  The best definition I found to share what it is for someone who might have never seen or heard of it before is: “1. (Clothing & Fashion) a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, bodice, etc.”  This style compliments any body type.  But, I think it’s best to add a skinny belt to accentuate the waist with any of the looks you go for.  The peplum can hide larger hips or create shape for boy figures.  It’s a fix-all for everyone.

This look is a great option for work and can still be sassy enough to wear out for a night on the town.  And as you can see it can be dressed down to wear for weekend errands.

Styling ideas:

Easy does it with a dress that already has a peplum.  Just add a skinny belt to add some waist definition.

Peplum tops dressed up with a pencil skirt or dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans.

Have fun playing with these styles this fall.  I don’t see the trend going anywhere so you can test it out for the fall and keep it in your wardrobe if it works for you.

Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities