Perfect time for picnics


Picnics are fun for families and perfect dates for the summertime.  It’s a great way to get outside and spend the day.  Here are a few things to keep in mind and find on Artfire for your special outing.

What to play:

It’s always fun to have a couple of things to do besides eat on a picnic:)  Here are a few games I found on Pinterest that look fun.  Do you have any fun games/activities?

-Water games are always fun and it can be as simple as getting some balloons and having the kids fill them up with water and throw at each other.

-Two fun games to prepare with the family before the picnic outing.  Crazy can game and bean bags.

-A classic game you can make at home as well, ring toss.  This is really cute!

What to eat:

Great ideas on Pinterest for fun picnic themes.  Here are some that stood out:

-The classics: Potato Salad, Fried Chicken (surprisingly good cold:), Watermelon, and Deviled Eggs.  What are some of your favorites?

-A fun twist on the sandwich.  Make it a pinwheel sandwich.  Here are the directions from TLC.

-I always think it’s romantic and very Parisian to just have a baguette, fancy cheese, some unique meats (not ham and turkey) and wine for a date.

Kid friendly ideasGreen Beans with Chopped Egg and Olives  and Garden Couscous Salad sounds pretty interesting…check out the other unique, healthy ideas for kids.

What to set up with:

What’s a picnic without the picnic basket?  I think this is what makes it so exciting.  Putting all of the yummy food into this wonderful case!  It’s so much fun bringing out all of the goodies.  Of course, I love the vintage version.  $29

LOVING the idea of dressing up your sandwiches in these Chevron Party Bags.  $7

What’s a picnic without the quilt to sit on or put on the picnic table?  This is a fun denim version!  What a great way to recycle old jeans!?  $120

Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities