Revolver ‘s Penny Floor Mosaic

Guest Blog by Jennifer Diana

Love loose change or hate it, pennies are very much a part of our currency.  One store in Indiana wanted to do something different.

First, they wanted to give local shoppers a destination to find the most stylish and fashionable shoes available.  Second, they wanted to make their store was memorable.


So what is that creating such a unique copper texture?


Over 340,000 pennies, and 6 dimes to keep things interesting, are set in a penny floor mosaic tile pattern.


The entire floor was laid by hand by friends and family of the shop owners. They completed the task in one week’s time.


The oldest penny is from 1908. And they checked it’s still not worth more than a penny.


The floor is virtually a 100 year history of pennies.


According to calculations, all the pennies combined weigh in at approximately 2,000 pounds.

Check out all the different metals used as copper became more valuable than the penny itself.
  • 1908 – 1942: 95% Copper  5% Zinc & Tin
  • 1943 – Steel with Zinc Coating
  • 1944 – 1982: 95% Copper  5% Zinc & Tin
  • 1982 – present: 97.5% Zinc with 2.5% Copper Plating

What do you think?  Anything you’d like to cover in pennies?


  1. Wow – that is quite creative and time consuming but very beautiful!!

  2. S.E. Lula says:

    Did you get permission from the Fed. Government to do this? Is is not defacing our money? Other than that, I think it is an excellent idea.

    1. Lori says:

      Once a person obtains money, it is theirs to do with what they want!

  3. Sabrina says:

    If that is still legal tender wouldn’t that money be better spent on someone who needs it? Kinda crass if not creative…..

    1. IMakeIce says:

      …and spend just as much money at a hardware store buying proper tiles or laminate for the floor anyway?

      1. Jona says:

        Actually, tiles would cost more. This is approximately $340 dollars worth of pennies. Plus, how many people can say they have a floor entirely covered in pennies. This seems not only more creative than tiles, but more valuable.

        1. michaela says:

          Actually, that’s $ 3,400 in pennies

          1. Stu says:

            Still would be comparable in price for that size building.

  4. What did they use to glue them and did they put a poly finish because it looks so nice and smooth on the photo of the open store. It would be fun to do a bathroom floor in this then get one of those old penny toliet seats, lol.

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  6. Chelsey says:

    What did you use to prime and set the floor? did you find a way to prevent stuff from getting in the holes? How do you clean it?

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