Thanksgiving with ArtFire and Tophatter!

  ArtFire and TopHatter are teaming up for a Thanksgiving Day auction celebration! November 22nd marks Tophatter’s first ArtFire auction day, so make sure to mark your calendars, because all day on Thanksgiving this auction event will feature ArtFire sellers in their own auctions on Tophatter alongside Tophatter members! This event is part of ArtFire’s ongoing partnership with Tophatter, a live auction website that lets you bid on unique items from Tophatter sellers in real-time, schedule auctions to sell your own items, and generates a ton of interest in small businesses crafts and seller products. ArtFire members currently get a $10 credit toward their first auction purchase of $11 or more when they register a new account with Tophatter! (See more details about this offer here.) Buyers and sellers who want to participate in the auction day event on Thanksgiving can RSVP for the auction here. The first auction of the event will start at 9AM PST / 12PM EST. ArtFire sellers who want to include their items in the Thanksgiving Day ArtFire auctions will be able to submit their items for approval in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. If you’re a seller and interested in being scheduled as part of the auction, you can email Tophatter a link to your Tophatter item listing for approval.


    1. Karrie says:

      Sorry I thought the reply was going to tophatter 🙂

  1. William Bibler says:

    This is a great idea. I hope it works out well and that you do it again. However, I didn’t see it until late the night of the 21st _ too late to participate. How can I avoid that in the future?