Handmade Artisans

Here at ArtfFire, we’re always looking for ways to help promote our sellers. Which is why we have created a competition. The Great American Maker Search is a an annual competition where any artfire seller can nominate themselves to enter the competition. Once nominated, you can promote your entry via social media, with a little help from us. The greater support you have in social media, the greater your chances of winning. If you’re looking to enter and want more information, follow this link to learn about how you can enter.

Community Trendsetters

The ArtFire community is constantly producing innovative products and building up exciting ideas. Every member of the community has the potential to become the next artisan trendsetter. Whether they set the next trend with jewelry, furniture, or even crocheted rag dolls; you can always find artisanal products that set trends and break boundaries in the ArtFire community. So browse through the trendsetting shop favorites and pick out the perfect product.

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Seller Spotlight

Meet our sellers. Like all communities, our community is made up of ordinary people but with extraordinary talents. We like to put our sellers in the spotlight and help them draw more business to their shops. Read about some of our super seller’s origin stories, their favorite products, and even their process in making those products. So if you ever want to learn more about the members of the ArtFire community, check the seller spotlight to learn more about them.