10 Sitting Rooms Made From Hand Crafted Decors

Over the years, there have been trends in the styles and designs of a living room décor with a rapid advancement aimed at satisfying the endless human cravings for comfort and affluence. Everyone desires to come into the best warmth an abode can offer with everything perfectly depicting the status of the owner (be it average or prominent).

The sitting room setting in the picture portrays a great result of the need for a clutter-free, spacious yet homely room. The well-blended colors and settings make it a style that should be greatly coveted with the wall patterns nicely created to accommodate every item that made up the room.

 Via XStorm

The room setting is such that does not allow anything to be left out of place as no part of the room is hidden unlike rooms cramped with furniture that end up taking excessive spaces; this makes it easy to clean. Every touch of accessories used blends with one another without any unnecessary interference with the light and colors.

The colors are warm and not threatening to the peaceful atmosphere it depicts while the simplicity of the room is such that allows the room to be brilliantly illuminated. It is an executive sitting room suitable for a classy bachelor who loves the elegance in its simplicity.

The glass stand


This is one accessory that adds beauty to the room setting. Asides the objects it holds in the image, its beauty can be enhanced by pouring artificial colored bubbles or placing a bunch of beautiful flowers in it. With an actively creative mind, another location can be chosen for the stand especially in positions where it can blend with the light rays that illuminates the room, thereby making it more visible.

LED Table

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Light tables are usually used to view artworks and interpret photography. Imagine having this luminous stand in your house right beside the fireplace or a strategic corner of the room. For a family house, a light table is suitable to keep kids engaged, develop their senses, and spark up their curiosity as kids are naturally drawn to light.

You can also decide to use a light table for something outside the box, say a romantic proposal. There are no limits to what you can use a LED table for.

Handcrafted Side Table

 Via Blackironfurniture

This is an artistic work that brings an antique idea into a modern lifestyle. This furniture cannot go unnoticed on a first visit to the house once it is positioned somewhere obvious. For someone who loves to own handcrafted objects or desires to own some antiques in his home, this is one you for you. It can easily blend with a fish jar placed on its top without hiding its beauty. Because a touch of ancient arts gives a sense of fitting into the older generation, it is a beautiful piece to own.

Twisted table


Here is another work of art to own right in your living room. It is suitable as a side stool that can hold books or albums. The twisted curves of the stool can also hold magazines arranged vertically to fit the shape.

Coffee table

 Via ProbestDESIGN

Coffee table is a must have in the living room usually placed in front of the sofa or beside. It is usually used to hold coffee cups, or magazines as the case maybe. The creativity applied to this coffee table makes it an outstanding asset to own in the house. It is one of a kind and fits right at the center of the room. This creative furniture is one every music loving guy would desire to have either in his room or studio as it reflects the owner’s passion. With the design, it could also be a perfect fit right under the television to hold CDs.

Patterned Sofa

Via MysticalAnatolia

This woven-like sofa is not only beautiful but colorfully created. It’s a recreated classic style that adds a classic touch to your trendy living room. With the bold colors, it stands out among the furniture in the room. The simple yet cozy chair could serve a dual purpose for sitting or reclining. It can be a lover’s seat or if big enough, it can seat a whole family during a photo session. No interior décor can be complete without neatly arranged sofas. With just one or two of it arranged neatly in the room, you are good to go, unlike the times when the living room is stuffed with a complete set of the sofa (consisting of four to five).

Wall art

 Via CRMExport

It is a beautiful artwork that gives a sense style to your visitors. The fact that it is hand carved from a strong wood is one advantage that makes it durable while retaining its beauty. Wall arts have permanently taken their place in the décor world today, that a stylish home may not be complete until there is an adorable piece of artwork hanging off a wall. They come in different styles, shapes, and patterns that are affordable for you to beautify your room. It definitely matters in home designs and should not be overlooked. Wall arts, as the name implies suits perfectly on bare walls. If you want it permanently attached to wall, then just get the best cordless drill for drilling into hardwoods, and you will be right on top of your home décor game!


Via Combine9 

With its right positioning in the room, it can be used to keep neatly stacked magazines and books that are intended to be kept out of sight. If high enough, it can also serve a second purpose for placing other attractive home decors.

Cushioned stools


The white or patterned stool is a beauty added to the house. It can be suitably placed beside the sofa; or placed at the center of the room. If placed by the side, it can hold magazines and books if neatly arranged. Some homes place stuffed teddies or carved images on it just to enhance its beauty as it’s easy to draw attention to it.

Plain Cushioned Stool


The plain cushioned stool though a bit different from the patterned cushioned stool, has a relation to the purpose of the patterned cushioned stool. Its plain color is an interesting way to keep the color palette flowing throughout, without making it too uniform. Every attractive sitting room definitely needs one of these.

So there you go guys. Creating an awesomely decorated sitting rooms is not such big deal as long as you know what you may require or where to acquire them.

Now that you have a holistic idea of what it could take to own a handcraft decorated abode, you can boldly take up a DIY project to redo you sitting room décor and give it that awesome glow you have always wanted. 

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