10 Tips To Use Social Media For Crafters

Crafting can be a fun and lucrative way to make money online, but you’re up against a lot of competition. There’s so many people selling their own wares, how can you ensure that you’re getting the exposure you need?

Social media is the best way to get ahead if you’re looking to expand your business. It’s the easiest ways for customers to find you, if you do it right. Here’s 10 tips to help you get attention and make those sales online.

Post a variety of content

You want to keep interest high in your social media accounts, so make sure you’re posting a variety of content. Most of it should be posts you’ve designed yourself, but you can share posts from other sites if you think they’d be of interest to your followers. Use a mix of images, videos, and pictures too.

Don’t just sell, sell, sell

Obviously you’re looking to sell your wares online, but your posts will need to offer readers some value before they’ll consider buying from you. Try writing ‘how to’ posts, or using picture uploading capabilities to show followers every aspect of your crafts.

Pick your social media site carefully

Not every social media site is the same, and some may serve you better than others. Social media marketing expert Daniel Philips at Elite Assignment Help says, “Many crafters find that sites like Instagram and Pinterest work best for them, as they’re so visual. Take a look at what’s out there, and decide on what will work for you.”

Run contests and giveaways

It’s easy to get followers engaging on social media if you’re offering competitions online. Most sites ask entrants to share the contest post and follow the page, which can net them a good amount of followers.

Use Facebook ads

As a crafter you’re most likely on a budget, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook ads aren’t worth your time. They can put your page in front of a lot of readers who otherwise may not have seen your content. If you need help writing an ad, try a copywriting site or check a grammar resource. Some of the following can help you write an engaging ad that will give you new followers: Via Writing, Grade On Fire (suggested by Huffington Post),  Assignment Writing Service, UK Top Writers, Write My Essay.

Connect in person

If you’re taking part in craft fairs, make sure that you’re spreading the word of your social media accounts. The best way to do this is to include a business card with your details on it with every purchase you make. and

Engage with your audience

When you have a presence on social media, your followers will want to talk to you. You need to be engaging with your audience and finding out what they want. They’ll feel valued by you, and you’ll make more sales this way.

Check your length

When sharing content online, remember that shorter is often better. Social media attention spans are almost zero, so you need to grab them right away. Be aware, also, that many sites have a limit on how much you can post. Use Word Count to check the length of your posts, and Cite It In to use the correct sources.

Showcase your work

Use social media as a place to show off the best of your work. You want to show potential customers just what you’re capable of. This is especially important when you’re offering custom work, as they can they see examples of what to expect from you.

Use keywords to bring in new followers

If you’ve never heard of SEO before, now’s the time to get acquainted with it. Google will go through your posts when looking for posts to give to searchers, so you need to think about the terms your customers may be using when they’re searching online. Use them naturally in your posts, and you should find more followers coming along as they come across you on Google.

These 10 tips are some of the best out there, tried and tested by crafters. Use them in your own social media policy, and you’ll see that you’re getting much more out of your posts. Give them a try and see for yourself.

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