15 Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Anyone can buy a box of cards for Valentine’s Day. These cards are convenient, but not very thoughtful or long-lasting.

These cards often come with candy, so the candy is eaten and the card is long forgotten – probably thrown away the same day. These cards are a dime a dozen.

Photo via JustScrapHappy

Photo via JustScrapHappy

Why not make something more unique this year for your classmates, friends, significant other, co-workers, and family members? They’ll certainly cherish a gift you created yourself. A craft project would be perfect, but not just something made out of construction paper. How about something useful, like jewelry?

Photo via DoubleSJewelry

Photo via DoubleSJewelry

There are many tutorials to help you create a bracelet, necklace, or earrings for the important people in your life. Beads are popular for jewelry making, but you can make your creations out of other materials as well.

Not confident of your arts and crafts skills? Don’t worry!

There are ideas for even novice jewelry makers. You’ll be able to create a work of art that will be treasured by your loved ones for years to come. Here are 15 ideas to get you started.

1. Paper Hearts and Button Necklace:

This is a fun and easy idea for kids and adults with limited craft skills. You likely already have all the materials you need. Although a heart punch is recommended, you can create your own hearts from construction paper. Once you cut out your hearts, add glitter and other fun embellishments. The next step is to lay out your string and start designing it with buttons and hearts. Just remember that you’ll need two of each so you can glue one on one side of the string and one on the other. Create a pattern, add glue…and voila! Just make sure to keep some extra room at the top so you can tie the ends together, and you’ll have a beautiful necklace.

2. Faux Metal Heart Necklace:

This idea is also quite simple. You just need some clay, paint, and twine. Just create a heart out of clay. Stick a hole in the top and bake it according to the clay instructions. Paint your heart and then add the twine, and you have a necklace!

3. Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings:

  This idea is a little more complicated but still fairly easy, especially if you have some beading experience. You will have to buy some beads and materials for this one, so, while it’s a quick project, you will need to plan ahead. You’ll need several varieties of Swarovski crystal beads, silver wire, jump rings, earring hooks, heart charms, pliers, and wire cutters. In less than 10 steps, you’ll have a pair of pretty earrings to give away or keep for yourself.

4. Heart Button Art:

mydiycloset on ArtFire

Photo via mydiycloset

If you collect buttons, you finally have a use for them – a heart-shaped button for your valentine! First, take a picture frame and lay out the buttons into the shape of a heart. Attach them using glue and frame your finished project. In just three easy steps, you have a beautiful piece of art!

5. Sweetheart Beaded Necklace:

gilliauna on ArtFire

Photo via gilliauna

This fancy necklace looks time-consuming and challenging, but it’s actually easier than you think once you learn some basic jewelry making techniques. Grab some beads in three different colors, a chain, head pins, jump rings, and a clasp. Find some pliers and a wire cutter and follow the easy-to-follow tutorial for a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift in under an hour.

6. Thread Wrapped Love Necklace:

You can buy this necklace online for $48, but why not save money and have fun by creating your own? This tutorial is a bit more time-consuming and complicated than the others – are you up for the challenge? Try it and maybe you’ll learn some new jewelry skills for future projects.

7. Red Satin Bead Bracelet:

ladykjewels on ArtFire

Photo via ladykjewels

The satin beads make this bracelet look incredibly fancy. Make your own by following the step-by-step tutorial, which includes helpful photos. The handy material list makes it easy to shop for what you need so you can make this craft a success. In just eight steps, you’ll have jewelry fit for a night on the town in under an hour.

8. Leather and Lace Bracelet:

Photo via FlamingoToes

Leather and lace make a great combination in this easy craft. You just need some leather, some lace, a charm, and glue, and you’re on your way to making this beautiful jewelry item.

9. Clay Rose Earring Studs:

Photo via SNJewelry

Fancy some fun earrings for Valentine’s Day? Try this tutorial. It may seem difficult, but the hardest part is getting the clay to mold into the perfect rose shape. Once you get past that, it’s a piece of cake!

10. Beaded Valentine’s Day Heart:

Gerryann on ArtFire

Photo via Gerryann

You don’t need a ton of materials for this craft. Get several dozen beads and some fishing line together, and you can create a beautiful heart for your sweetheart. Just make sure to closely follow the pattern and, in five steps, you’ll have a gorgeous creation.

11. Valentine’s Day Heart Garland:

This isn’t really a jewelry item, but it’s a fun craft you’ll enjoy making as a family. You just need some felt, buttons, ribbon, scissors, a needle, and thread to create this DIY masterpiece. It just takes three easy steps, and then it’s ready to hang.

12. You Hold the Key to My Heart Valentine’s Art:

PrinceWhitaker on ArtFire

Photo via PrinceWhitaker

With just a few supplies and five easy steps, you’ll be able to create this antique-looking frame. It’s the perfect keepsake item for a mother or other beloved family member.

13. Valentine’s Day Candy Coaster:

jojolarue on ArtFire

Photo via jojolarue

You make this craft out of candy – sweet! Grab some wood, glue, craft paint, and spray adhesive. In just several easy steps, you have a candy coaster for your drinks.

14. Valentine’s Day Love Pin:

VisionsByVicki on ArtFire

Photo via VisionsByVicki

This cute pin is easy to make. Follow the steps to create your mouse, then bake and wear!

15. Love Wand:

Kids and adults alike will love making this cute craft. You just need Popsicle sticks, glue, hearts and any other decorations you’d like to add. Customize it any way you want in just three easy steps.

Love Wand

Photo via Pexels

Forget the store-bought cards this Valentine’s Day. Let the creative juices flow with these fun craft ideas.

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