2018 Top Arts & Crafts Maker: TexasCeramics

Congratulations to TexasCeramics for winning Top Arts & Crafts Maker in the 2018 Great Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

Jacque Honeycutt is truly devoted to their craft, and their work is amazing, we think you’ll agree…

I have always been inspired by nature, I love the wildflowers in the hill country, especially Texas Bluebonnets. Over the years developed a design for my wares called Field of Bluebonnets.   I also like making things that are off the wall, I love taking clay and altering it into something different.
– Jacque Honeycutt

ArtFire: Does your shop or brand name have a special meaning? If so, what is it?

TexasCeramics: I wanted my business name to reflect in the most simple terms where I am and what I do, Texas Ceramics pretty well sums it up.

ArtFire: What makes your craft so special, compared to other makers who do the same?

TexasCeramics: I cast all my ceramics, I do not use imported bisque. I use domestic clay that is mined in Texas, so you are truly getting a little bit of Texas. Not only is the clay domestic so is the glaze. All glaze is lead free and people safe.

ArtFire: What advice would you give to someone starting their own handmade business?

TexasCeramics: My advice for a new handmade business owner is to believe in yourself, never stop creating or undervalue your work. Create a business plan and be open to change, the one thing we are guaranteed is change. Doing the same thing over time and never changing is a recipe for failure.

Also, be transparent – customers want to know something about you. I have found if a customer can easily reach you they are more comfortable making purchases. One last thing, be ready and willing to work long hours, being in business for yourself is not a 9 -5 job.


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