2018 Top Jewelry Maker: GildedOwlJewelry

Congratulations to GildedOwlJewelry for winning Top Jewelry Maker in the 2018 Great Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

Chris Wrinn is truly devoted to their craft, and their work is amazing, we think you’ll agree…

Chris Wrinn of GildedOwlJewelry set themselves apart by having their fans for support and showed us their independence and dedication to handmade. Chris is a Jewelry Crafter from Milford, Connecticut. Chris has creative drive and a dissatisfaction with what is currently out there in the jewelry craft space. They feel that many artists aren’t happy seeing the same things over and over, be it jewelry, art or clothing, so they strive to make something that doesn’t exist; To make it simpler like their cat and owl pendants. Chris uses precious metals because of metal allergies and has become aware that many others share this issue. We are truly lucky to have them as part of the ArtFire Handmade community.

ArtFire: Does your shop or brand name have a special meaning? If so, what is it?

GildedOwlJewelry: The words literally came into my head when I woke up one morning. And I envy the fact owls can turn their heads 270º. How cool is that?!

ArtFire: What makes your craft so special, compared to other makers who do the same?

GildedOwlJewelry: I feel my pieces stand out as many are unique and one of a kind. When I pull out the precious metal clay, with the time it takes to make a piece, it has to be unique. Simplicity takes more time than something complicated. I also make classic designs for people that want a traditional look.

ArtFire: What advice would you give to someone starting their own handmade business?

GildedOwlJewelry: My advice for someone starting their own business would be to keep going. Look at how many different skis are out there, how many pens, how many underwear manufacturers 😉 So my point is, there’s room for everyone if you keep at it. Also, don’t ‘race to the bottom’ with prices. People don’t value what they pay little for, nor do they realize the time that is put into each piece, from making, shooting, listing, social media, selling, wrapping and shipping. Value your product.


You can learn more about GildedOwlJewelry here.

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    Frank Woodward

    This is a really deserve award tor GildedOwlJewelry,due to the excellence of their job and awesome creativity.

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