25+ Unique Kids’ Birthday Party Favor Ideas

It’s birthday party time! Kids’ parties are a great time—sweets, friends and a theme that helps your little star shine.

A child’s birthday party is a great chance for him or her to focus on something special to them. Do you have an aspiring little mermaid or soon-to-be-wizard in your home? Let your child express their true selves through a theme. To help inspire you, here are some great, take-home gift ideas for your guests that are so adorable you won’t be able to stand it.

Magical Mermaid Necklace

If your little one just can’t get enough of the pool, the beach or the fantasy of just being a mermaid, this adorable necklace is perfect for a party favor. It’s cheap, easy to make and even sparkly.

A Super Hero Kit

If you love superheroes at your house and welcome the idea of chasing evildoers all night, this amazing flashlight and snack kit inspired by Batman is perfect. The light coming out shines the bat signal on a nearby wall, and the snacks keep a defender of justice from getting too hungry. Thanks, little batman!

Puppy Adoption Center

No, it’s not a real puppy. If your child just cannot get enough of fuzzy, lovable animals, a little take-home toy from an “adoption” center is an excellent choice. They don’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just something easy to carry. Be sure to offer plenty of options as far as color and type of puppy.

Painted Letter

My daughter recently went to a very interesting “school” party. The event was broken into sections like a school day, including art class. There, she painted an L, the first letter of her name, and then took it home as a favor. She loves it! I suspect it will be on her door for years to come.

Yummy Lip Gloss

How cute is this lip gloss? It’s perfect for any children who are excited about makeup or beauty culture, along with parents who love easy and fun crafts. All you need is petroleum jelly, packets of Kool-Aid and some little, plastic containers. The kids can make it during the party and then take it home. Simple.

Lego Crayons

If your kids love to color and love Legos, this is perfect. You will need Lego molds and plenty of old, broken crayons to get started, but if you have those already, you’ll love this favor. I recommend throwing these into a bag with a small coloring book or some free printables. Your little guests will love it!

Mini Art Kits

If you have some serious drawings happening at your house, an art party may be in order. This amazing kid art kit is a no-sew craft that you can easily put together with a little help or during a quiet morning. Just get some neutral felt, crayons and small sketch pads to make this travel kit. Parents will love you!

Customized Water Bottles

My son went to a sports birthday party recently and came home with one of those adorable custom plastic water bottles with his name on it. Now, he takes it to school every day and keeps it with him no matter what the activity. Have an active boy or girl? This is an easy, quick and customizable gift for all your guests (parents, too).

Magic Wands

Wizard parties are a lot of fun, and this blog has a great tutorial on how to make wands for your guests to take home. While they are made from everyday products, they look ancient and special. Any Harry Potter fan will adore them.

And More Magic Wands

If your little darling is crazy about anything glittery, these beautiful unicorn wands are the way to go. I love how they’re presented here, standing in a little jar filled with candies. They’re sweet, crunchy, sparkly and magical.

S’mores in a Jar

Are you and your family big campers? The great outdoors or an indoor camping party can be an amazing way to go. Be sure to finish off the festivities with these great jars of s’mores ingredients so the fun can continue after the party is over. Mmm… S’mores.

Plane Bubble Wand

I’m sorry, a bubble wand that is also an adorable airplane? This is genius! Boys and girls alike will love this transportation-themed party favor that is easy to make, tons of fun and that will keep them playing for hours. Enjoy!

Artist Palette Cookie

Rainbow parties are a great time, and the theme of a rainbow is broad enough that all you need are colorful favors to fit the theme. These cookies are so cute and so perfect for just such an occasion. If the kids are up for it, have them help you frost and decorate them before going out the door. So fun!

Unicorn Poop

If unicorns are taking up every available space in your home, then you can use them to your advantage with a fun unicorn-themed soiree. This silly, sparkly slime has a magical quality and will be a huge hit for your unicorn-loving guests. I like this recipe because it includes an alternate version to help you avoid toxins.

Treasure Stones

These are perfect for any birthday party. First of all, these “rocks” are super easy to make. They are mostly coffee grounds and sand. Then, you can put anything that fits your theme inside.
On top of that, the stones can be part of the activities. Have your guests go and hunt for the stones. Scatter them around or put them all in one spot and give out treasure maps or riddles leading to their location. Once each participant breaks their stone open, they get a fun surprise.

Animal Canvases

This is a great one for older children who are up for some crafting. This basic art project gives your guests a chance to work with their hands, cut toys in half and play with a basic color scheme. The example is done in pastels, but you can do any tones that appeal to your crowd. The finished product is a really cool, sophisticated piece of art that will last a long time.

Reptile Box

For fans of snakes, lizards and crocodiles, this adorable favor lets your guests pretend to have a dangerous animal inside as they wander back home. You can really put anything inside, but I love the combination of something to read, a snack to eat and a little interactive toy to top off the experience. I can think of a lot of kids who would be super excited to get this after a fun party.

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Ocean in a Bottle

For any child who is a major Finding Dory or Little Mermaid fan, a mini ocean in a bottle is a unique and interactive favor. They come together fairly quickly, and they really do look magical. Best of all, they last for months and work as a relaxing toy for kids waiting to see a doctor or sitting in the car for a long time.

Candy-Filled Street Cones

The link I am posting here leads to a long list of ideas for a Cars themed party, but if you scroll down about a one-quarter of the way, you will see the cutest traffic cones. These are simple to make, really fun and easy to fill with whatever you like. They aren’t long-lasting, but they can be part of the decorations during the event and then walk out the door with your visitors as it wraps up.

Princess Hairbrush

Your little princesses will be able to brush their hair while chatting with their magic mirrors with this adorable craft. Unfortunately, your guests won’t be able to do this one with you, as it involves hot glue. However, it will be well worth the effort as it gives them a long-lasting favor that will surely be their new favorite brush.

Pokemon Ball

If Pokemon is a hit in your home, check out these quick and easy Pokemon balls. They are a combination of paint, tape and plastic ornament balls, but just look how cool they are! Any fan of the anime series will be thrilled to take one home.

Lace Princess Crowns

I’m listing more princess ideas because I know just how captivated so many children are by the ever-growing princess mythologies in kid’s movies and stories. These cute little crowns are easy to make and so pretty!

Fabric Roads

If your little guy is outgrowing his favorite jeans left and right, or if you have a few pairs around the house that no one is wearing anymore, this tutorial shows you how to make them into fun roads for toy cars. In case that’s not impressive enough for you, the pocket of the jeans becomes the bag that holds the roads and the cars. What an awesome thing to take home!

Dinosaur Tail Bags

If you are letting dinosaurs take over your home for an afternoon, check out these super fun dinosaur tail bags. Made out of basic felt and easy enough for any level of expertise, these fun bags can be filled with whatever you like and reused for as long as the recipient likes. You will get some heartfelt thank-yous after you hand these out!

Sock Cupcakes

If you plan to do a lot of cupcake decorating during your party, this adorable idea of sending fuzzy socks disguised as little treats home with your guests is unbeatable. Can you imagine slipping on your new socks, settling in for a movie and then biting into a freshly baked cupcake? I can!

Minion Construction Hats

The blog entry I found for Minion theme ideas is packed with great ideas, but my favorite by far is the adorable Minion hats. Made from cheap, plastic construction hats, a mason jar ring and a free printable, these are fun, easy and get everyone in the mood to participate.

Elsa’s Cape

If your little ones could sing “Let it Go” all day long, try a take-home cape for your next party. Note: I don’t recommend this one for a big party. This would be great for a smaller get-together, as they are a bit more expensive and labor intensive. That said, they require no sewing and look positively beautiful. If you’re up for them, give them a shot.

What party favors did you hand out at your last birthday party? Have you received one that you were crazy about? Please comment below and let me know.

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