5 Tips to Make Your Food Photography Fabulous

Food photography is undoubtedly one of the challenging kinds of photography.

Just as when you paint, you begin with an empty canvas and construct different layers. You keep painting the photo till you get that perfect combination of authenticity and art.

Same is the case with photography.

Everything that is captured within a photograph, every little element in it is decided and placed there by the photographer. Being a photographer isn’t that easy. Just having technical expertise with the camera isn’t enough! Many photographers struggle in so many ways so many objects and so many fields work. So, the question is you going to work on your food photography beyond the basics? No matter if it is some brunch, a birthday party, or a home-made food recipe of roasted lamb just like all other photography styles; you will be expressing stories through your pictures. These shoots are definitely going to be really yummy.

Here are 5 tips for you to make your food photography fabulous in no time! I hope you will like them. Keep reading:

1: Select angles wisely!

In food photography, only some angles can be seen repeatedly but you have to select which angle you should go for very wisely. The camera positioning affects the whole framing of your food photography and often the stories you are going to tell.

You must give it a thought first. See the food before taking its picture. The size and shape of the food should be in your mind and also what is so different about the food that you are shooting. Then position your camera highlighting the qualities that you think you want to cover the most. There are some food dishes which appear extremely gorgeous if you capture them placing the camera above the table, and others look perfect when you shoot a photo right in front of them or from the side.

2: Use Nice Props

When you are capturing photos from the front side of the food you have to make use of nice props to keep the background of the image look great. The subject of your photo won’t catch attention if background will only be blurred always. Play with your background and foreground a little by surrounding your food platter with some spicy nice looking ingredients and props that suits best to the dish you are shooting.

Spices, jars, herbs, fabrics or anything that presents the origin and season of the dish you want to shoot will make the photo look more attractive and give depth to your story.

3: Lighting makes the difference!

Lighting makes so much difference in food photography. Whether you want to give it a dark shadowy look or bright look the variation is achievable by altering the lighting in your food photography. Check out background lighting, light diffusers and sometimes daylight is actually a lot better than artificial light for pictures.

4: Filling your frame is important

When the dish you are going to shoot is ready, view it, and give a thought to its color, surface and how it’s being presented. It’s important that it should look beautiful, tempting and appetizing to eyes. If it’s missing the wow factor, you can make some changes to fill your frame. Be passionate about your pictures as a food photographer. For some ideas to fill your frame to make the picture you will look appealing, you can take ideas from some of pictures used in the recipe books or Pinterest.

5: Show creativity

As food is an object and it won’t move on it’s on. You have to do all the fun while shooting its pictures! Make sure your experience becomes not only fun and exciting but it also has creativity in it. Let’s go back the discussion of filling the frame. Place your camera up and shoot down easily. Food is one thing which won’t complain about how it would like its picture being taken. So, in the world of photography food photographers have a lot of chances to experiment.

I have some really creative ideas for you to utilize your food photography:

  • You can make your own exciting recipe book with unique images and get it published.
  • Make a really gorgeous looking collage, frame and hang it your kitchen.
  • Start a food photography blog.
  • Give your food photography pictures as gifts to your loved ones.
  • Make a really nice food photography portfolio.

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