8 Revealing Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Interior Designer

To help you choose the right designer for your home improvement needs, here are 8 questions to ask before taking into service an interior designer.

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So, you’ve finally decided your home needs a makeover. If you’re not too confident about your artistic skills, you can hire an interior designer for the project. But, before you start calling prospects, make sure you’ve collated a few critical questions to help you evaluate whether that person is a great fit for the job.

It’s important to ensure you can work collaboratively together because you’re designing an entire personal space, an area you spend most of your waking hours in. To help you choose the right designer for your home improvement needs, here are 8 questions to ask before taking into service an interior designer.

1. Where do we begin?

Home improvement projects are huge investments. To avoid costly mistakes, ask the designer what are his/her planning guidelines. Will he be providing plates? How many revisions can you make?

Making sure all the details are ironed out before commencing demolitions or tearing off wallpapers can spare you from redoing the design.

2. What’s your style?

Getting to know the designer’s artistic forte can help you narrow down the pros and cons of working together, as well as the outcome you can expect. Having a similar taste might be the very first indicator if it’s going to be a harmonious partnership.

Though, designers are expected to be flexible depending on what the client wants, having parallel preferences can make the design process a whole lot easier.

3. How does purchasing work?

Some interior designers have their own network of suppliers. Working with these vendors allow them to source materials at a wholesale price.

Inquire whether he’ll be handling all purchasing requirements for the project or if you can do your own purchasing for other items.

4. Can you repurpose old furniture?

Some designers are firm believers of DIY projects more than others. Before handing out your home to any professional decorator, you have to be crystal clear on which furnishings you would like to put in the “keep” pile.

Whether it’s an old door you’d like to use as a table or a worn out chair as a shelf, if it means something to you, keep it. Discuss with your prospect designer if it’s possible to repurpose old furniture while still complementing the new design.

5. What’s your timeline?

After going through the design concept, space plan, and color scheme, the next thing to ask your aspiring designer is how long will it take?

Knowing the timeline can help you prepare for the renovation.

6. What are your rates?

Professional fees should always be transparent, so don’t be afraid to ask whether he’ll be charging you by the hour or per room reconstruction.

The latter arrangement might be better because as a homeowner, it’s in your best interest to know the exact overall cost of the project.

The total cost greatly depends on the scope of work. But, to give you an idea, interior decorates charge an average of $3,000. So, don’t be shy to ask about package rates or discounts too.

7. Can you collaborate with other trade professionals?

Some projects call for a team of designers. Interior designers are used to working with other professionals like architects, landscape designers, general contractors, and the like.

However, despite the number of designers on board, a good interior designer knows he should always be involved in the process, even though it no longer falls under his scope of work. It’s important that everyone works harmoniously.

8. Is my budget realistic?

The last thing you want is an interior designer who promises you so many things, only to find out that it’s not feasible.

Discussing the budget can determine whether or not the designer is a perfect fit. Some designers can even help you scout for lower cost alternatives.

Don’t take for granted hiring an interior designer. Always do your homework because, at the end of the day, the one decision you make can turn an exciting home renovations project into an unpleasant encounter.

Choosing the right designer from the start can help avoid mistakes and save on material costs. Happy hunting!

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