8 Ways to Increase Sales Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool.  Have you noticed your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds are showing more and more of your favorite items for sale?  It’s no secret that the holidays are right around the corner and small businesses as well as major retailers aren’t just advertising their #CyberNovember sales on their websites.  Let ArtFire show you how to use social media to boost your online sales this holiday season.

1. #Hashtags

Hashtags are a fun and easy way to get noticed.  You will notice that #ArtFire is used in everyone of our Twitter and Pinterest posts.  Why?  If someone sees something they like, they may click on the hashtag which will take them to all of our posts.  Hashtags are also a great way to get certain items noticed.  This holiday season’s most searched for term is projected to be #UniqueGifts (ForHim, ForHer, ForKids).

2. Coupons

Everyone is searching for a bargain these days.  ArtFire allows you to use a Coupon or Sale tag on your listed items.  Using these tags is bound to grab people’s attention.  You can also encourage people to “like” or “follow” your page by offering a coupon to your followers. 

3. Free Shipping

Similar to coupons, free shipping is a huge draw to potential customers.  If someone sees two items that they like from two different merchants, they are much more likely to go with the one who offers free shipping.  You can offer free shipping on all of your ArtFire items, or you can offer a coupon for free shipping.  Tell your audience that anyone who follows or likes your page will get a coupon for free shipping.

 4. Pin Your Items on Pinterest

Did you know you can pin your ArtFire items directly from your shop page?  You can!  Doing this will show your followers all the amazing things you have to offer.  Don’t just pin them to one board.  If you are a merchant who makes handmade pens, try making a board for Unique Gifts for him, 2020 Gift Ideas, Unique Gifts for Mom, etc.  The more you pin, the more your items will be seen.

5. Sales

Posting sales is a great way to drive traffic to your shop.  If you have a “Limited Time Only Sale” it creates a sense of urgency because nobody wants to miss out on a great deal!  Post about upcoming sales on your social media sites and be sure to mention that they are for a limited time only (but don’t tell them exactly when since it will keep them checking in).  You can offer #CyberNovember sales throughout the month; one per week, one every few days, …

 6. Giveaways

You are sure to have seen (and participated in) those Instagram followers giveaways.  Why not join the fun?  Try “tag 3 people who you know would love this”.  Or, “Follow this page for a chance to win…”  How about, “When we reach 1500 followers we will give away 3 free #### .  One entry for every person you tag in this post.”

7. Pictures

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook until that special picture grabs your eye?  Yeah, we all do.  Facebook posts with pictures get FAR MORE notice than words alone.  Post a picture and then ask a question to encourage interaction on your posts.  Facebook just implemented a new algorithm that will repost a link each time someone comments on it.  The more you share, the more potential customers you will reach.

8. Reminders

Whenever you send an email or invoice, be sure to include your social media links.  Sometimes we forget to remind our friends, family, and customer’s about our social media sites.  If you have a personal page and then a separate business page, it’s okay to remind people to follow your business page as well.   Your fans love to support you and won’t mind the friendly reminder.

Bonus Tip

 Tags, Holiday & Promo Labels

When listing an item on ArtFire you will come across a section called Tags, Holiday & Promo Label.  It’s vital that you use this section to get your items noticed.  

Under the “Holiday” drop down you can select one holiday or season for your item.  Selecting a holiday association puts your item in that holiday or season’s gift guide. 

If you are running a holiday promotion, this is where you would list that.  By selecting one of the options from the drop down menu, your item will display a promotional message in search results and can entice buyers to click on your item.  Things like Free Shipping are a great way to generate extra business.

ArtFire allows you to list up to 5 tags per item.  You should use descriptive words to make your items appear in relevant searches. Be sure to separate each tag with a comma.  You should use special tags to be included in special holidays.  Ex. CyberNovember2020, Christmas2020, BlackFriday2020, CyberMonday2020, SmallBusinessSaturday2020 (Special Tags do not affect your limit of 5 custom tags.)


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