8 Ways You Are Damaging Your Engagement Ring

Jewelry is the most traditional gift we use to mark the significant occasions in our lives. It is an outward expression and personification of the relationship.

Celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries and other laurels are just some of the events we commemorate with special gifts of jewelry. For any newlyweds, the engagement ring is a source of constant admiration. The behavior of newlyweds’ towards maintaining the rings’ sparkle and value is quite comprehensible – the diamond inside of its prongs, the little diamonds around the band – just all of it!

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Although the human behavior for newly acquired goods is quite justifiable, taking proper care of the ring should be prioritized, not just because of its monetary value but its sentimental significance. Following are eight ways in which you could be damaging your engagement ring.

Forgetting to clean it frequently

Who doesn’t desire their ring to look as gleaming and sparkly as possible? Make it a propensity to have your ring cleaned routinely by a professional jeweler. Most jewelers will steam clean your ring free-of -cost. The steam clean removes all the accumulated dust and grime from the surface of the diamond, so the final product looks brand new. If you don’t have the time to schedule a meeting with a jeweler, consider utilizing a safe cleaning method at home, such as washing it with lukewarm water and a mild solution of dish cleanser; scouring it tenderly with a (new) toothbrush or soaking it in vodka or gin.

Wearing it while applying body lotions or sunscreen

Thick moisturizers and creams can leave buildup on your ring, making it look and feel grimy. What’s worse, is that this grime can stain and discolor the ring, especially if you have a hued gemstone or if your ring’s band is made of white gold or platinum.

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Cleaning your household while wearing your ring

The chances of accidentally losing it down the toilet are significantly higher than you might imagine. Additionally, you also face the risk of damaging your ring with caustic chemicals that you often use to scrub your house, such as Clorox Bleach or Windex. These cleaning chemicals can react negatively with your metal band or gemstone, leaving it dull and cloudy.

Vulnerabilities of diamonds and design

Contrary to popular belief, your ring is fragile. While some of you may argue with the hardness of diamond — rest assured we do not disagree with it — but the bottom line here is potential damage to the settings and the band. Most notably, if you are careless with it, you can severely damage your ring by chipping the band or setting the stone loose. In other words: don’t punch anything while wearing your most prized possession. Don’t fist-pump too aggressively. You get the picture.

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Forgetting to take it to a jeweler for periodic maintenance

On the surface, your ring may look fine, but experts at Aida Design US remarked that only a certified jeweler can determine the actual condition of your ring. Naturally, frequent trips to a jeweler are necessary to make sure your gemstones are properly secured and that any chip or crack is fixed appropriately.

Go easy on the sports while wearing your diamond ring

We are not asking you to stop playing altogether. Rather, experts remark that participating in physically strenuous activities while wearing a ring should be marginalized. Are you wondering why? The answer lies in the pre-requisite of holding an object in your hand (weights or rackets), which might not seem imperative but this extended use can chip away your rings’ bands. Wait a minute, what about the sports like swimming, which don’t require a grip of any sort? Experts remark that cold water can also damage your ring, indirectly. Cold water can shrink your fingers, which would result in the accidental slippage of the ring from your fingers.

Cooking and diamonds don’t go together

Cooking means spills, oils and grime. Imagine the level of grime being accumulated on the ring due to wearing it while marinating meat with your bare hands, making meatballs or rolling cookie dough. That should be reason enough for you to want to take your ring off when cooking those foods.

Insurance — what’s that?

Your wedding ring is probably one of the most valuable assets in your repertoire, partly because of its monetary value and partly because of its sentimental value. Do yourself a favor and get it insured. Of course, losing it is the worst case scenario, which can be accounted for, but just getting it fixed is the more favorable approach.

By successfully following these eight steps, you’re bound for a long, beautiful marriage symbolized by perfect, sparkling rings.

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