A Half-Dozen Tips For “Eggcellent” Easter Crafts

While decorating Easter Eggs, hiding them and finding candy treats the next day is still a great tradition, it may becoming a little bit passe and predictable.

About five years ago, someone started posting a tradition about planting jelly beans the night before Easter and waiting to see what would bloom the next day. Thanks to the magic of some parental intervention (for the children’s sake we’ll just say it was the Easter bunny), when the morning sun rose, kids found lollipops growing from the spot where the beans were recently buried. A really cute and magical idea for the kiddies!

Here are six more ways to get your creative craft on this Spring:

1.  Easter Wreaths

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There are literally dozens, if not countless different ways you can turn those pre-formed wreaths at your local craft store into springtime decor for your door or any other part of your house. There are other ways you can use your own springtime magic to weave a circular creation into a decorative addition to your home. Using everything from eggs to flowers, there’s a multitude of  different ways you can brighten your home.

BONUS TIP: Remember if you’ll be using fresh flowers in your creative arrangement, be sure to take special care with handling and timing to ensure they’ll last throughout the holiday.

2. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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Chalkboard crafts have been the rage for quite some time now given the advent of a new kind of paint that allows us to turn almost any surface into an erasable piece of temporary art. So why not use this surface on Easter eggs?

BONUS TIP: Don’t limit your creativity to simple black-and-white designs, break out some colored chalk and get into pastels and other shades.

3 – Shabby Chic Easter Decor

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Similar to the chalkboard trend, this semi-recent uber-popular decor element doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There’s no reason we can’t incorporate it into our springtime arts and crafts as well as Easter items like eggs and paper projects around the house.

BONUS TIP: Although you can use fresh eggs (even those that have been hollowed out), the plastic may be better for durability – but if they have raised edges for easier opening, consider shaving them off with a file for a cleaner look.

4 – Crafty Easter Table Tops & Settings

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One of the biggest parts of almost any holiday celebration comes towards the end of the day when it’s time for our festive dinner. Here’s where our arts and crafts skills can really shine with individually designed place settings and a lavish tabletop display. Pick your theme and create a mealtime extravaganza that will look just as good as it tastes.

BONUS TIP: The often exalted crafty Ms. Martha Stewart has some more ideas to add into this mix if you happen to be a fan of her creative ventures.

5 – DIY Outdoor Ideas

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Many of us decorate outdoors for holidays like Halloween and Christmas, but the Fourth of July can see some pretty serious patriotic red-white-and-blue displays during this time of year, so why not Easter as well? Floral displays, egg and Easter bunny-related decor will make you the envy of the neighbors and a hero to your children.

BONUS TIP: Just like your inventive Easter wreaths, remember to consider possible weather conditions and the materials you’ll be using to ensure they’ll stay beautiful until the holiday arrives.

6. Saying Farewell To Winter & Your Guests

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One of the welcoming concepts of spring brings us to the end of winter, but we know these cooler times will return again, just like our friends and family will come back to us regardless of the temperature. If you are having a holiday event, whether it’s an early morning Easter egg hunt, an afternoon brunch or an evening dinner (or all three), even though your guests may have been lavished with gifts and surprises, consider a small parting gift. Even a small, handwritten, craftily created thank you note will go a long way with your loved ones as you give them some gratitude for participating and welcome them back to your home in the future.

BONUS TIP: Happy Easter Everyone and Have a Magical Springtime Adventure!

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