A Light In Dark Places

Autumn is here, and in many places, the last of the color is draining from the leaves.  The season is turning from a beautifully painted landscape, to one of half naked trees and short, rainy days.  You find you’re no longer kicking delicious-smelling piles of dry leaves; instead, you’re slogging through (and trying to avoid) piles of soggy, brown bio-matter. So you’re looking outside after work, and it’s dark. And cold.  You’re feeling like you’re in desperate need for some warm, comforting light.  Look no further!  Here are a few different ways for you to bring unique and beautiful lights to your home:  

Do It Yourself Candles

Courtesy Studio 11 and Jen at SomethingTurquoise.com

  Don’t be fooled by the website; although this do it yourself recipe by Jen on Something Turquoise is clearly meant to be for bridal gifts, you can definitely change the colors (and the scents) to be anything you’d like.  Go with warm, autumn hues and scents to ward away the outside chill.   I also found some tips for working with foods in your candle making adventures, at Ehow.com!  

Cinnamon Candles: The Easy Version!

Courtesy of Threadsence

  If you aren’t feeling up to creating your own candles from scratch, here’s a quick and easy idea from Threadsence.  These recipe calls for premade candles, some cinnamon sticks, string, and a glue gun.  Maybe, though, this one might be better for decoration instead of burning.  

Autum Leaf Jar

Courtesy of Morning Creativity

  For those of you who still have access to colorful leaves, and also happen to be short on craft time, this project from Morning Creativity is perfect for you.  All it requires is that you go outside, pick up some leaves, and glue them to a jar.  Drop a tea light candle in, and presto!  A beautiful little candle lamp with a warm glow.  

Fairy Jars

Courtesy of The Gold Jellybean

  As soon as I saw this recipe, I immediately wanted to fill my apartment with these jars.  You’ll need to be a little bit cautious when creating these lovely lamps from The Gold Jellybean, as they require you cut open glow sticks to create this effect.  This recipe doesn’t require many ingredients, either: you’ll need a glass jar, glow sticks, rubber gloves to protect your hands, scissors, (protective eye-wear, just in case) and a piece of tulle (this is what makes it look as though the lights are floating in the jar). The days are growing shorter, but hopefully these crafty ideas help you pass the time and create something beautiful to enjoy all hours of the evening and night!

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    Beautiful! I love the colors!!! It would bring some interesting color glows to a room. Great job!!

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