A Purified Life with Giovanna Garcia

Who is Giovanna Garcia?

(aside from being our new Food & Recipes guest blogger)  

I’m a Nutritionist and Certified Natural Chef practicing in San Francisco, CA.  I have a strong belief that food is medicine and that what we eat directly affects our mood, thoughts, focus, and energy level.  If we nourish our body with the right foods, we can prevent health issues.


Giovanna Garcia of A Purified Life

My goal is to educate busy individuals like you to obtain and sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

My Philosophy

Food is the base of health.  I provide the tools for you to use whole unrefined foods to live and sustain a healthy lifestyle.  Life is a gift; we should live every day enjoying the things we do while respecting ourselves.

Education & Training

Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences – University of Arizona Natural Chef Certification – Bauman College

A Few Questions

  • How and when did you come up with the idea of A Purified Life? I started my business 2.5 years ago.  After attending holistic culinary school, I knew that I wanted to support people in a unique way where I could teach them about nutrition and also how to cook healthy food, so I decided to start offering these services independently.  Through A Purified Life, I offer personal chef services, private cooking classes, private dinner parties, handcrafted superfood chocolates, and run a holistic health & recipe blog.  My first gig ever was a private healthy cooking class that covered nutrition education and ingredient health benefits.  I loved the thrill of being able to provide hands-on tools for people in this way and knew I was on the right path.
  • What does a regular day look like to you? I don’t have many days that look the same in a week, but a more average day would consist of me shopping at the farmer’s market or local health food store, cooking for a personal chef client, and then perhaps creating a new recipe or writing a new blog post.  Private dinner parties and events happen every few weeks.
  • What are your long-term goals or future project for A Purified Life? I am currently working on expanding my superfood chocolate line and growing the online store.  Cacao is such a healing and health-supportive food when it’s properly used (in raw form and from a fair-trade farm).  My long-term goal is to see A Purified Life chocolate at health spas, farmers markets, and yoga studios to support healing and nourishment for all the people seeking for it.

Recipe Samples

Chai Spiced Quinoa Porridge

Blueberry Basil Smoothie

Berry Breakfast Bars


Read what some of my previous clients have to say about me right here.

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