Accessories trend: See through for spring into fall for accessories

  The trend seems to be showing off what’s in your handbag these days.  From lucite, to jelly, and see through metal clutches, we are seeing this trend go far and beyond the beach.  I find it funny how designers like Phillip Lim 3.1 now has a pouch within a pouch which I would definitely, and most likely try.  But, reminds me of what a woman has to carry if she works in a department store so that everyone knows you aren’t stealing anything.  I wonder if the designers were inspired by that?  It’s always interesting to know what a designer finds inspiration from…or street stylers for that matter.  Kind of like how once I saw wearing a ring on every fingers and ghetto and now it’s the “trendy” thing to do.  Just interesting how styling changes and becomes acceptable. These could be easy trends to take advantage of from now until next fall.  Find empty plastic pouches and design a leather pouch which I’ve seen on DIY blogs done pretty easily.  I’ve also seen DIYers like Honestly WTF DIY how to make a simple clear, plastic box into a fabulous clutch.  Once again, not everyone has the time or knows how to DIY projects like this and look to people who are handmade designers to create these projects that they would like to have.  Just something to think about. I do appreciate the leather pouch inside a clear pouch though…it makes it much cleaner.  I am definitely going to work on making this happen in my handbag:) Side note: We are also seeing this trend everywhere for heels on shoes and jewelry for others areas to explore.  Example: Plastic DIY necklace inspired by Marni. Guest blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities  

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