Advents and Ornaments

I can hardly believe it, but it’s that time of year!  The First of December is rapidly approaching, and that means it’s time to start unpacking, buying, or making your holiday decorations!  If you haven’t done it already.  I swear I saw Christmas decorations back in October in a few places, so maybe you’re someone who likes to prepare early.   Either way, I’ve picked out two holiday items that might be fun to create alone, or with family and friends.

Glittery Ornaments

Courtesy of Ornament Girl

These ornaments from the Ornament Girl’s Blog are surprisingly easy to make, and call for a surprise ingredient: floor cleaner!  If you’ve ever looked at floor cleaner and wondered, ‘What else could I use this for?’, your question has been answered here!  Amazing and simple ornaments.

Tinsel, Glitter, Tissue Paper

Courtesy of Fresh Home Ideas

At Fresh Home Ideas, you can find three more ways to use simple glass ornaments.  Try filling the ornament (carefully, of course) with tinsel, ribbon, or glitter.  If you don’t want to crack the ornament open, you can also paint/glitter the outside, or cover the outside with bits of tissue paper for a unique look.  The possibilities, while maybe not endless, are certainly many.

Miniature Lanterns

Courtesy of The Crafty Crow

Do you ever feel like the holidays tend to fall into very specific color palettes?  And that maybe those colors are a little… boring?  Don’t worry! I feel the same way.  That’s why I love this craft idea from The Crafty Crow; these little lanterns are unique and would look good as a decoration anywhere, not just the tree!  You can even tuck them over Christmas tree lights for the added candle-lit illusion.  Be careful, though, those little lights can get pretty warm!

Magnet Calendar

Courtesy of Marie

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret; I think those cardboard advent calendars are bologna.  Yeah, I said it.  So here’s an idea from Marie at Lil Pink Pocket that might get those creative ideas flowing!  This recipe requires basically whatever crafts you’d like, though the important parts are the various sized paper mache boxes, and the little magnets you glue to the backs of those boxes.

Christmas In A Can

Courtesy of House to Home

I think this idea from House to Home is unique, and really adorable.  It’s another opportunity for you to get a little more color into the home than the usual golds, reds, and greens.  Just take some foodstuff cans, make sure they’re clean (I can’t imagine that chocolate and cream of chicken pair well together), and paint the outsides white with numbers. Use a little bit of colored tissue paper, and voila!  Cans filled with Christmasy goodness.

Bucket Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Caroline

This is another idea I absolutely adore.  Caroline has borrowed an idea from an overly-expensive item at the Pottery Barn and made it her own by using much cheaper (and dare I say, better) items to create this awesome advent calendar.  The buckets are fairly small, so I was thinking… maybe instead of chocolates, you make a little game out of these.  Put a slip of paper into each bucket, and on the paper, write a location in your house.  There, the kids will find candy (or other treats) waiting for them!  I wonder if I could convince my parents to do this for me when I visit for the holidays?  Anyway; chocolates, toys, or papers, I think these are a great replacement for the store-bought calendars. 


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    The Ornament Girl

    All of these ideas are amazing; thank you for sharing, and thank you also for sharing my glitter ornaments. 🙂

    • Reply November 29, 2012


      No problem! I really loved your glitter ornament idea. 😀

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