Adventure Book Club

Keeping your kids reading when on a break from school is not always an easy task. We have some tips and trick that may help!

When my boys were 6 and 2, I started a Summer Adventure Book Club for them and their buddies. It was a way to keep them reading over Summer Break and rewarding them for doing so. Each week they read a book, and if they completed it, they were able to participate in that week’s field trip. They are now 15 and 11 and we are still having our weekly field trips! Here are a list of some of the books and activities that we all have enjoyed over the years:

Tie Dye

Each year we start out by making our official Summer Adventure Book Club shirts. Everyone (parents and kids) brings a white shirt and we tie-dye them. ArtFire has some great kits to tackle tie-dying at home.

Ice-cream Summer

Bust out that ice cream maker and make some homemade ice cream. We have some great recipes for you to try on our Pinterest board.


We actually read this book twice. The first time we ate “hole” foods (Fruit Loops, donut holes,…) and then sent the kids outside for a treasure hunt. Each was given a shovel and they had to find treasures that had been buried in the yard.

The second time we read the book we took the kids to Top Golf where they could attempt to make the ball into the “holes”.


After reading this book we headed up to the mountains, Mt Lemmon, to have a shelter building contest. While the kids were working on their forts, we hid paper bags full of snacks that represented the various foods that the main character ate during the book. The kids then had to search for their snacks.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days

Pool party! Need I say more?


For this book we rented some paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks and went to nearby Patagonia Lake for a day of fun in the sun.

Who Was Leonardo Da Vinci?

This was one of many artist books we read. For this one our activity was to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman because Leonardo DaVinci is a character in the movie . Another time we went to Creative Juice and participated in one of their classes. For another artist book we bought small canvases and paints and let the kids paint at home.

James and the Giant Peach

This book was a little long for the kids to finish in one week; so we split the book in half and had two activities. The first week we went peach picking at nearby Apple Annie’s Orchard. We went home and made pie, jam, and ice cream. Yum! For week 2 we enjoyed our ice cream while watching the movie James and the Giant Peach. When the movie was over we had the kids compare and contrast the book and the movie.


Here in Tucson, AZ, there are a few bridges that are known for having bat roosts under them. So, we headed to one of the bridges around sunset and watched the bats come out. If you have a place like this where you live, and you have never done it, it really is a fun experience!

Who was Neil Armstrong?

I love rockets! So, by default, my kids have to love rockets too. But really, don’t all kids (and adults) love them? We put together some rocket kits and headed to the elementary school to launch them.!

A to Z Mysteries Detective Camp

Each summer ends with a scavenger hunt. Every SABC member receives a letter in the mail with instruction on when and where to meet their fellow adventurers. My favorite letter was when each kid received a piece of paper with a book cover and were told to bring them to the meeting place. Once they were all together, they had to put the books in the order in which they read them, tape them together, and then flip them over to see the next clue.

Summer Adventure Book Club has been an amazing experience for us! These are just a couple of the books and activities that we covered over the last decade. The possibilities are endless! So have fun researching books and use this as an excuse to try some new things that you have been meaning to try!

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