Alternative Christmas Trees

Some people love the smell of Christmas trees, and the look of them when they stand tall and proud in your home during the month of December.  Some people only see how much effort it takes to water them, to clean up after them, to make sure they don’t catch on fire, and to get rid of them once the holiday is over.  If you’re one of those people, or if you’re just feeling like you’d be interested in something different this year, you’ve come to the right place!  I’ve gathered up a few pictures for you to check out that might give you some inspiration for an alternative to the sap covered cat playground of years past.

Chalk It Up

Courtesy of ArchDeco

There are many ways you can do this kind of tree.  You’re limited only by your imagination and the color of your chalk.  And, of course, if you’re living with someone who preferred that you didn’t draw all over the walls.  This could be a fun thing for kids, too!  If you have more than one kid running around, each of them could ‘decorate’ their own tree.

Use Another Tree

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

I actually really like the look of this tree for an all-year-round sort of situation.  You could change the decorations to match the continuously changing seasons, or just leave neutral colored ornaments and lights up for the duration of the year.

Bubble Lights

Courtesy of HomeKlondike

This is another alternative tree that could stand the rest of the year without looking totally out of season.  Lovely multi-colored bubbles all piled up into a pillar, lighting up the corner of a room with a warm glow.  This could also be a good idea if you were going to do an alternative Christmas theme all together… they sort of look a little like fairy lights, don’t they?

Wall Tile Tree

Courtesy of Sarah Cargill

This is another great idea for folks who just don’t have the room in their house or apartment for an actual tree. Plus, it doubles as an opportunity to play a little arts and crafts with friends or family.  It’s tasteful, doesn’t take up much room, and is easy on your wallet.  And you won’t have to vacuum up pine needles from underneath it!

Ladder Trees

Courtesy of Gergana

If you have a ladder, some lights, and some ornaments laying around, this could be a great alternative tree for your household!  The blog where I found this, Geri Home Decoration, actually has several awesome tree ideas you might like to check out.


Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Bonus picture! Clearly, this is not a Christmas tree.  But it accurately represents how I feel whenever I see that a neighbor has the time (and lights) to put on this sort of display, while I have a measly string of bulbs; a weak attempt at decorating my home.  For all you folks out there who wish they could just copy and paste their neighbor’s Christmas extravaganza, you’re not alone.

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