Announcement: Committed to Great Makers

ArtFire Commits to Great Makers – Removes One million Items from the Site. Launches Great Maker Search.  Reduces fees for Handmade Artisans.

We know, it sounds like a campaign slogan.  Yes, we’re having some fun with it.  But the truth is, the last few years have been troublesome for the handmade movement and it’s no joke.

We spent the last year rebuilding much of ArtFire to provide best-in-class software for sellers and while we were locked in our developer cave, heads down, writing code…something happened in the handmade world. One of the world’s largest marketplaces decided they could be handmade too.  While other marketplaces become overrun with large commercial interest.  We’ve felt the impact on our site, as big commercial sellers found ways to take over categories by listing large numbers of items.  Though we have always allowed small commercial enterprise to sell in specific places on the site we’ve avoided building too many bulk management tools in an effort to slow a commercial overrun.   gms_header   ArtFire was build for artisans and independent businesses, not large commercial sellers and we’re taking it back for the small seller by removing one million items from the site, that are clearly just large commercial accounts.  These sellers are taking more than their fair share of resources, threatening the community’s credibility and depriving great artists of their share of item level marketing and support resources.  Not any more.
It’s going to cost us, but standing for what we believe in often does and it’s a price we’re willing to pay to protect our community.
Pushing back on large commercial sellers is just the beginning though, fees to sell handmade items are now lower than commercially produced items and we’re going out to find and highlight great makers with our Great Maker Search initiative.       We want to show your crafty genius to the world.  Only handmade artisans are eligible to participate in this program.  Winners receive high fives and accolades from peers around the world, reduced ArtFire fees, and a huge boost to exposure around the site, around the web and across social media.  You’ll also enjoy front page exposure and receive a custom icon awarded on your profile and on your items for everyone to see!  This is your chance to set yourself apart and show your independence and dedication to handmade.  Apply Here.

Join us and keep the independent make movement going strong.  Together, we can bring handmade back to where it belongs, in the hands of the makers.  Share your amazing creations using the hashtag #GreatMakerSearch.

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