Another Look at Unique Automotive Advertizing

Guest Blog by Jennifer Diana

Car manufacturers are always looking for innovative ways to introduce new models.  Yesterday our blog took a look at a trio of TV ads unlike any we’ve seen before.  Today we’ll look at another unique automotive advertising.  Instead of going big, automaker Kia went small – very small!


With 1200 bottles of nail polish, 900 fake nails, and a team working for 25 days and nights, the first nail art animation was created to launch the newly redesigned Picanto.  A compact car competing in the global market with other cars intended for use in urban markets.

“Small is beautiful” is the idea behind the campaign.  Many urbanites take utilizing small space to an art form.  Converting studio apartments into creative cubbies for dream, work, and play.  Kia tried their hand at redesigning this car for those grown-ups.  Now available in a 2 and 5 door model, the car has many premium features available.  Not typical for this small car class.

Stop-motion animation is like the flip books we use to have.  An item appears to be careening across the page by small gestures and changes in design.  Here they included the overall car motion plus showcased small design details and features.

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