ArtFire goes Amazine: an amazing opportunity for all ArtFire sellers is teaming up with, a magazine style blog.  An online destination where you can quickly and easily browse through curated text, photos, videos, etc., and tell beautiful stories about your creations.  Display your handmade products in your personal magazine.

With Amazine, members are able to browse through a variety of blogs, follow other members, “clip” items, post items and attract a whole new reader base.  Amazine is a great way to advertise your Artfire shop and product, exposing them to a whole new audience.

People browsing through your and our blog, will be redirected to your ArtFire shop, and be able to browse through your inventory. Amazine gives you the option to log in through your Facebook account, alerting your Facebook fans that you have joined Amazine.  Thus, furthering the reach of your ArtFire shop.  Join Amazine today!

“Every once in a while we stumble across a new site that we think has real potential to grow very fast and benefit our sellers. We think Amazine is just one of those sites. So, in order to offer our sellers the best possible outcome, we reached out to the Amazineteam to see if they wanted to partner with us. Amazine has one of the most simple and beautiful User Experience designs we have seen since Pinterest and we are very happy to get priority access to their site. Enjoy!”
Tony Ford
Co-Founder ArtFire


  • At first, I wasn’t too sure how I would like Amazine. After being on it for a couple of weeks now, I am loving it. Easy to use and a great look. My only complaint is that I constantly have to sign in, sometimes after just a few minutes. Makes it quite a bit frustrating when you are trying to share something and have to log in 2-3 times.

  • Reply June 22, 2013

    JoAnn Wedge

    I am new to ArtFire and always looking for new avenues to get my fused glass jewelry out to the buying art lover. What do I do here to get started? I have yet to have my first sale and I have been on ArtFire since early May. I bought some advertising in the handmade section for 11 days starting last Wednesday but have had more views but no orders. I have been adding new stuff almost every day the last week or so to build up choices. So what now? Thanks in advance for all your help. JoAnn

    • Reply July 1, 2013


      I have been on ArtFire for almost a year. One sale and it was returned. Have chatted with others on ArtFire and ETSY and they too have similar results. If you find out how some of the artisans make sales, please let me know.

      Good luck with your site.

  • Reply August 12, 2013


    I started selling my stained glass on Etsy in 2009. I had been very happy with my sales up until the beginning of 2013…for some reason my sales have plummeted, as have other sellers on Etsy. Not sure why, but I decided to try ArtFire for 3 months to see if sales pick up…not so sure if they will after reading these posts.

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