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Improved Site Search

We’ve updated the search capability this week to return more relevant results for shoppers.  The new search algorithm produces common queries, auto-suggestions, auto-corrects spelling errors and offers matching shops in the search. Now shoppers can find your shop directly from the search bar.  The search bar is more prominently displayed in the header on desktop computers and adapts to mobile devices.

Discovery through the new search function is much better than in the past and improves the shopping experience on the site.  Our focus in the next several months will be to continue to improve the experience visitors to the ArtFire marketplace are met with on all pages across the site.  We want to avoid serving pages that force shoppers to use their back browser button if possible.  For that reason, shops that have no products to offer a shopper; shops that have been closed; and shops that are on vacation are not suggested to shoppers in site search.

Improved Shop Search

The new search technology has also been added to shops in a new dedicated shop search box.  Rather than suggest searches based on site wide search patterns, the shop search box uses your recently listed inventory’s titles as suggestions for shoppers.  The implementation of this technology at both the site and shop levels will be monitored, reviewed, and updated as we gather more information about how shoppers interact with an enchanted search feature.

Popular Shops and Trendsetters

We’ve added more content and a few new sections to the home page in an effort to offer more options for visitors to the site.  In the past we displayed just one Collection of the Day on the home page and often didn’t give a new shopper enough to choose from on their initial visit to the site.  We want to more quickly engage new visitors and offer more items and shops on the home page.  This new layout displays popular shops and some of your favorite items that have been added to lists.

Making lists now gives you the opportunity to featured as a Trendsetter on the home page and to share items that you love with others!  Once a shopper registers they will be able to create lists and be be eligible to become a Trendsetter as well.  This type of interaction has been proven to increase time on site, facilitate connections between shoppers and merchants and result in more sales.

Google Requires Mobile Responsive Sites

New mobile responsive requirements go in affect on April 21st which will change the way in which Google indexes and displays search results worldwide.  Google regularly changes it’s search algorithm but says that this particular change will have “significant impact” in the mobile search results.  As Google is among the top sources of traffic to ArtFire, we’ve made substantial upgrades to the site in preparation for this new requirement.  Over the past several years the percentage of shoppers that access the site via mobile devices has greatly increased and I’m happy to announce that the marketplace and your shop is mobile responsive and that the result of this project is that we will continue to rank well on Google and deliver a better shopping experience for visitors.

Thank you for your continued participation and contribution to the success of the ArtFire marketplace and community! Sincerely, John Jacobs, CEO

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