Lesson 1: Buyer + Seller Communication

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artfire_script_smBuyer and Seller Communication : eCommerce Best Practices

This series will help you build and manage a successful online shop with ArtFire. Our business team has done the research and now it’s time to share the results! In this first lesson you will learn four best practice tips for when it comes to buyer and seller communication, professional buyers and seller communication.


  1. Have a complete ArtFire account

    Before you make your first sale there are a couple things (important things) your ArtFire webstore should include.  Firstly, you must have an Avatar picture that accurately represents you and your business, same goes for your Bio Pic.  Fill out your Bio Description and Policies, this gives buyers peace of mind by assuring them you’re a trustworthy seller.  Confirm your email address with us.
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    via WhiteFauxTaxidermy

  2. Be thankful for your buyers

    Send a personalized email thanking the buyer for his or her purchase.  This email can go out after your send an Order Confirmation Email, maybe even the next day.  A “Thank You” email allows you to clarify shipping information with the buyer, like Shipping Address, size confirmation or variation information.
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  3. Send Shipping Confirmation emails

    As consumers we want to feel secure when we buy something online, we want to be reassured we made the right decision and that we will receive what we paid for.  Which is why Shipping Confirmation emails are crucial.  The majority of online shops fail because the buyer has no idea whether his or her order was shipped, or if the seller even received the order.  One bad experience with one seller can leave a scar in your business, affecting sales in the future.You could even send out a reminder email a week later saying that the order was shipped a week ago and should be arriving soon.  You can  use this opportunity to show the buyer similar items to the one(s) they bought. (Updated 4/14/15 : Not only should the shopper be keeping track of his or her order, so should you – the merchant. When the tracking informs you the package was delivered, you should have a follow up email ready to go, asking for a review or comment on the item page – make sure to provide a link to the item page.)
  4. Encourage and reward loyal customers

    This could mean anything from rewarding 1st time sellers with a coupon or gift code to use on their next purchase to adding a surprise gift to your orders – surprise gifts are great promoters for your shop because they make the shopping experience memorable, encouraging return customers.  You could even ask shoppers to like your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page for exclusive deals if they leave a review. By doing this you build a clientele that will keep coming back to your shop and encourage others to do so as well.  If a buyer is satisfied with your business and your product then he or she will have no problem promoting your business.
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What tips did we forget to mention that are essential in running your business? Let us know in the comments!

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