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I'm just an aspiring librarian with an eye for all things creative!

No-sew? No problem!

When it comes to crafting, I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to anything involving a needle and thread that’s more complicated than small hole repairs or sewing a button onto a piece of clothing. I managed to round up six no-sew crafting DIYs that I’m pretty excited to get started on for some holiday gifts, and I thought I’d share them with you guys!

Doctor Who?

I’ve been a huge fan of the show since its reimagining beginning back in 2005, and with the holidays beginning to loom in the distance, I thought Artfire might be a great place to turn to find some gifts for the Whovians (Doctor Who fans) in my life! Here are some of my favorite Doctor Who inspired Artfire crafts…

Mason Jar Madness

I inherited quite a few mason jars full of jam to take with me to my first apartment. The jam, of course, vanished long ago, but I’ve used the jars for a random assortment of things since, and I’ve always loved their rustic appeal. Here are a few really cool mason jar craft DIY tutorials that have recently caught my eye!

A Sherlockian Vignette

Sometimes, after I’ve just finished a really amazing book or watched a fantastic episode of one of my favorite shows, I like to daydream about how much fun it could be to theme a living space around what I’ve just read or watched! This week, for example, I’ve been re-watching one of my absolute favorite BBC shows, Sherlock, from start to finish.

Product Photography

Picture this: You’re brand new to the Artfire community, have just set up your first store, and after hours upon hours of work creating a really cool, unique set of products, you’re ready and raring to go and find some buyers! After a few weeks, though, you notice you aren’t selling nearly as much as you’d expected…