Trend Scene: Polka Dots for Fall

The fun thing with polka dots is they can be worn from head to toe. You can go as easy and simple as a scarf to a full on, classic dress like, let’s say what Julia Roberts wore on Pretty Woman, or…

Great DIY for Mommy and Me

When I saw that love Maegan… did a DIY for her and her niece, I had to share. It’s a cute and easy DIY that anyone can do and is very on trend for kids and adults. Who doesn’t love a little glitter in their life? ūüôā

Fashion’s Night Out is Coming, Get Ready!

FNO (Fashion’s Night Out) was started by Anna Wintour (the Editor-in-Chief of VOGUE) to help bring life back to the retail industry. It has turned into an event that took place in New York City to start fashion week to an international phenomenon.

Color Fun: Orange Crush

My personal favorite is orange and tan. I think it’s also a great accent color to try out for the home. Simple, small items will do the trick. I thought it would be fun to find items on Artfire in orange that show the best of what this color has to offer.

Get ready for Labor Day on September 3rd

It’s only a few weeks a way from a holiday that will kick off the fall holidays that we look forward to, and end the summer festivities we leave behind. It’s also the point where people used to say that it was the last day you could wear white…