Back to school

It’s hard to believe that stores are starting to stock back to school items for kids that go back to school in August.  Time really does fly!  But, I so look forward to back to school time because of the fun organizing and stationary/pens.  But, I thought it would be fun to check out what Artfire has to offer for back to school items that will set the kids and people like me apart in the organizing and stationary department. What type of items do you love for back to school? *For kids in elementary school, kids love stickers and can personalize all of their items from lunchbox to binder. *I think it would be so cool to use a vintage/antique lunch box.  Isn’t this adorable?:) *Loving this organizing pencil case!  There are so many pencil case options on Artfire.  Plus, personalized pencils and pens that caught my eye.  There are so many ways for kids young and old to have personalized products at a great price.   *This style backpack is so in right now!  I feel like you could find something like this for your teenager for much more.  Get your great deal on Artfire. *Everyone needs a planner from writing down assignments to events you are participating in.  It’s all about keeping everything organized in a great planner. *Make homework more fun by having a really cool notebook. I remember having fun personalizing notebooks when I was in school.  Something about a unique notebook makes school and work more exciting. Guest blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities 

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