Backpacking on a Budget: What You Need to Know

If you are backpacking abroad such as in Europe can be an expensive feat, and it does not need to be.

True, some cities are pricier than others, but that should not deter you from exploring for a day or two. To help you, here are some ideas on how to backpack on a budget!

Cheap Traveling Methods

You can find various promotions on European rail passes, and travel passes which will definitely help your bank balance. Remember to compare rail passes to see if it is what you actually need for your trip from single trips or a full pass to anywhere in Europe. After all, every trip for an individual will be different.

Most cities are bicycle-friendly too such as Berlin. So, rent a bike and get healthy by exploring the streets with those two wheels!

Budgeting on Food

You can save a lot of money by cooking for yourself instead of eating out. There are many local food stores where you can select your fresh ingredients. You can take advantage of the kitchen in your hostels, and let your inner Jamie Oliver awaken!


Since there are food stalls around the European cities, you can also opt for street food whilst you are on the go. You can try out a wider range of local delicacies through this option compared to restaurants which caters to tourists’ taste. You can also get churros from Spain for a couple of euros!

You can try seeking out where the locals eat too, which tends to be a few blocks away from the tourist area. Ask around such as the people who works in your accommodation, or your local tourist guide for some ideas.

Budget Accommodation

If you are looking for a place to stay that is on a budget, try hostels! Through hostels, you can meet other like-minded travelers. It is not always for youths. There are all types of hostels that caters to all ages. They are also much cheaper than hotels in Europe. If it’s financially viable, traveling overnight gives you one less night of paying for accommodation, just make sure you have a good travel pillow.

Alternatively, you can rough it out by camping, which can be cheaper than hostels! There are many campsites hidden away in Europe, which offers cooking areas and bathrooms. Considering couch surfing is also a good option, it’s becoming a great option for travelers where the can stay on couches or in spare room in other user’s homes for free, and you can return the favor to other travelers once you’re home.

Budget Airlines

If time is not on your side, try some budget airlines such as Easyjet or Ryanair to get you elsewhere for a cheaper price. You will definitely save more when you book in advance for those flight tickets.

Affordable Cities

Going to cities such as Paris can be a heavier dent on your bank balance. With so many cities and choices in Europe, try other cities such as Krakow, Poland where it’s known for great nightlife. You can also find most tourist spots are free and accessible by exploring around Budapest, Hungary. You can immerse yourself in free walking tours offered in cities such as Berlin, so none of your time is wasted and will be well spent indeed!

Make sure you’re aware of any additional cost that come with some cities/ countries. UK visa can be required for entry into the UK for example, researching the countries your headed to is key to avoiding any last minute charges.

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    Wooooowww, your recommendations are really great. Last year I personally became convinced that with a great desire you can travel almost every month, both almost free of charge, and for a small budget. Now there are a lot of options for traveling for little money, a lot of tools, methods that can be used by everyone. Recently, I visited two new countries for about $ 200, which went off only to the road. You can always go hitchhiking, or buy a cheap ticket for a discount on the plane. You can spend the night in a tent or with people for free, who agreed to shelter you for a day.

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