Best Blogs for Creative Entrepreneurs


Maker Mentors has curated 50 blogs for creative entrepreneurs that we absolutely love.  We have categorized them so you can easily find the people who can best help you.  

We want this to become an on-going resource for creatives, so add links to your favorite blogs in the comments.


Best blogs for Creative inspiration

  1. The Jealous Curator
  2. Jojotastic
  3. SF Girl by Bay
  4. Uppercase Magazine
  5. Small for Big

Best blogs for illustrators

  1. Pickaland
  2. Illustration Friday
  3. They Draw and Cook
  4. They Draw and Travel
  5. Red Lemon Club
Best blogs for branding your business
  1. A Prettier Web
  2. White Oak Creative
  3. Made Vibrant
  4. Allie Creative
  5. Aeolidia
Best blogs for connecting with other creatives
  1. The Creatives Club
  2. Brilliant Business Moms
  3. One Woman Shop
  4. Uniquely Women
  5. Firework People
Best blogs for starting a business
  1. Reina and Co
  2. By Regina
  3. Fresh Rag
  4. Jenny Purr
  5. The Business of Being Creative
Best blogs for marketing your business
  1. Elle and Company
  2. Market Your Creativity
  3. Launch Grow Joy
  4. Kyla Roma
  5. Erica Midkiff
Best blogs for designing a life you love
  1. With Laura Simms
  2. Designing an MBA
  3. Stratejoy
  4. Yes and Yes
  5. Scoutie Girl
Best blogs for Artist Entrepreneurs
  1. My Friend Court
  2. The Abundant Artist
  3. Lisa Congdon
  4. Abbey Ryan
  5. Art Biz Coach
Best blogs for handmade entrepreneurs
  1. Flourish and Thrive Academy
  2. Handmade Loves
  3. The Design Trust
  4. My Craft Assistant
  5. Kerry Burki
Best blogs for photographers
  1. Shutter Sisters
  2. Clickin Moms
  3. Design Aglow
  4. The Photographers Element
  5. Rachel Devine
Best blogs for writers
  1. Tipsy Writer
  2. The Write Life
  3. She Writes
  4. The Renegade Writer

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