Boost Holiday Sales with Promoted Items

With Cyber November right around the corner, ArtFire is working to ensure that our merchants are reaching the maximum number of potential customers possible! One of the best ways to do this on ArtFire is with Promoted Items. Promoting your items greatly increases the exposure of your products on ArtFire, therefore increasing sales especially through the holidays.  

What are ArtFire Promotions?

Promoting your items creates a unique advertising campaign for your shop within ArtFire. You may have noticed that when browsing through ArtFire, there are items listed at the top and bottom of the screen.  We also cycle through Promoted Items on our home page.   Below are the ways that Promoted Items increase sales and visibility.

Total Impressions

Impressions count the number of people who saw your product (like drivers passing billboards next to a road). Impressions are important for two main reasons. First, the more times an individual sees your products, the more likely they are to click on them. Second, knowing your campaign’s impressions allows you to calculate your Click Through Rate which can give you an idea of how engaging your product’s presentation is.  You can see your total impressions on the “My Items” page.

Total Clicks

Clicks are people visiting a product in your shop (by clicking on your product in ArtFire). The great part about clicks that come from ArtFire is that, generally, a shopper is in the mood to buy and was looking for a specific product similar to yours. That doesn’t guarantee a sale will happen, but it’s a great start.  You can also view your clicks on your “My Items” page.

Converted Clicks

Converted clicks are better known as sales (the “conversion” is a visitor becoming a buyer). These sales are directly linked to a Promoted Item visitor that visited your shop via your campaign.

How Much Are Promoted Items?

This is entirely up to you.  The total cost of Promoted items depends on how many items you are promoting.  Promoted Items are $2.00 per 1000 Impressions per item with a maximum charge of $2/day per item as of 10/1/2020. (Note: The industry standard for promoting items across the web is $7-$10 per item.) This fee is drawn from the ledger fee you paid when you opened your ArtFire shop.  Your items will continue to promote until you end the promotion. 

How To Setup Promoted Items?

ArtFire Promotions can be started on the My Items page.  Simply click the “Promote Item” button to start your promotion.  You will know your items are being promoted with the green “Promote Item” button turns blue.  The campaign will stay active until the promotion is stopped by clicking the “Actions” button and turning off the promotion.

You can see what a big difference promoting an item can make in the example above.  The items that this merchant promoted (yellow “Paid Impressions tag) have substantially more impressions and views than the ones that were not promoted.


Promoted Items give you a competitive edge for online shoppers browsing through ArtFire items by showing them more often and making them more visible while they are shopping. Promoting your items greatly increases the exposure of your products on ArtFire, therefore increasing sales especially through the holidays. 

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