Boredom-Busting Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Kids

Spring break is almost upon us, which means the kids are going to be around 24/7, wanting full-time entertainment!

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While we all love spending time with our little ones, it can be exhausting coming up with fresh ideas to keep them happy, especially if (like me) you’re having a staycation this year.

My two love trips to the park, and you can always send them off to a couple of playdates, but what to do with them around the house?

I’ve found that the best ways to keep them stimulated is with arts and crafts. These kinds of activities are unbeatable for quality time, as you can get involved, too, and get creative together, while helping to develop their artistic side.

What’s more, it can all be done with little cost involved, so it’s a win-win situation!  I’ve put together a list of our favorite staycation artsy activities to keep their little hands (and minds) busy!

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Egg Decorating

With Easter coming up, this is a great way to get your kids excited about the holiday! They’ll love creating colorful decorations to brighten up your house in time for Easter using paint, dyes and glitter. There are all sorts of clever and creative ways to make all kinds of patterns and designs, from polka dots to stripes, marbled effects and flowers.

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Tie Dye Sneakers

Here are more ideas for customized clothing! You can pick up an inexpensive pair of plain white sneakers online, then load up on Sharpies and rubbing alcohol to create awesome tie-dye-effect patterns! This is a really easy and engaging activity that’s fun to do, low cost and produces visually pleasing results that your kids will adore.

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Clay Crafts

Clay is so versatile, you can make this one all your own and create whatever you like. From table decorations to animals and flowers, your kids can express their personalities to make ornaments, jewelry, displays… the sky’s the limit!

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Melted-Bead Sun-catchers

Make the most of that early spring sunshine with these gorgeous melted-bead sun catchers. These are easy to make and durable enough to be kept outside, where they make a beautiful addition to the garden. Sun catchers can be made in all manner of sizes and colors, and your kids will just love creating their own designs!

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Easter Baskets

The kids will love this one, as Easter baskets mean Easter chocolate! You can get creative with whatever you have around the house, including repurposing old cereal boxes and packaging, and adding paint and colored paper to make beautiful baskets.

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T-Shirt Art

This is a super thrifty idea that lets your kids explore their own personal style, and come up with some great design ideas. You can pick up plain t shirts very inexpensively, and then go to town decorating them! You can use fabric paint, markers, tie dye – whatever you like to create funky and colorful designs your kids will love.

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Pom Pom Animals

Pom Pom animals are a classic craft. You can stick with the Easter theme and make bunnies, lambs or chicks, or do something different and make whatever your favorite animal happens to be, whether it be cats, dogs, elephants or frogs. Plus, a change in the color of wool and decoration is all you need to create any critter you like.

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Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Pipe cleaners are a great, versatile craft material that cost next to nothing and can be used to create anything at all. Brightly colored and easy to work with, your kids will love twisting them into whatever shapes and designs they like. Check out these super cute pipe cleaner dragons.

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Dream Catchers

Put that excess wool to good use and keep your kids busy making dream catchers. They’ll love creating and assembling all the different components, and it’ll keep them busy for hours. You can even use your newly-acquired pom pom skills to make additional decorations!

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Fabric Flowers

Fabric flowers are a great way to welcome in spring and to help your kids practice their sewing skills. You can use any fabric scraps you have at home to make these pretty crafts, which can then be used to make lovely displays, sewn onto t-shirts as decoration or made into badges and brooches!

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Easter Egg Charms

These Easter egg charms are a great way to keep the kids occupied over Spring break, because they’ll love crafting and painting these lovely decorations! Don’t feel like making more Easter themed crafts? Then you’re in luck, because these are made of salt dough, which is a fantastic, versatile material that you can make at home using ingredients straight out of the pantry to be utilized to make anything you like!

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Slippy Slime

My kids absolutely love this one. They adore the squishy, gooey texture and bright colors, and making it is pretty fun, too! It only requires three ingredients, takes minutes to make and will keep them occupied for hours.

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Chick Egg Warmer

These cute, simple egg warmers are made of felt and are another great way to help your kids practice their sewing skills. They’ll particularly enjoy making something they can use, and will love seeing it on their egg in the morning. You don’t have to make a chick, either, because a change in color will allow you to make any design you like.

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Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are great fun and surprisingly easy to make at home, using standard pantry supplies. Bonus point: your kids will be more than happy to get into the bath at the end of the day!

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Bird Feeders

What better way to enjoy the change in season than by making the most of the wildlife as it returns to your garden? Bird feeders are a great way to get kids interested in nature and the great outdoors, and it will encourage them to get outside, too! There are loads of creative ways to make them, so you can repurpose whatever you have around the house to make your bird feeders.

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Final Thoughts

All these activity ideas are low cost, fun to get involved in and simple enough that even very young children can get the best out of them. I’ve tried all of these at some time or another with my two, and I’m pleased to report these are all kid-approved and produce great results!

So, now that you’re loaded up with ideas of what to do this spring break, it’s time to get the kids involved in some fantastic arts and crafts that will keep them (and you) entertained for hours.

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