Bring The Aroma Of French Romance In Your Home

The French style is something that is romantic and simple in itself. The French style of home décor is also fashionable yet modest in nature.

The French provincial style of décor basically belongs to the rural aspects of France, but this does not mean that it is as rough as that of what you see in rural America or as flamboyant as seen in rural England. It is somewhere in between and has a more natural touch to it.

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When you talk of French provincial chairs, they are more of sober looking chairs that are available in simple colors. Basically, the French idea of home decor is more related to the respect of Mother Nature. This means that they borrow most of their ideas from nature and have a flow that creates a sense of continuation in the room.

If you want to buy French provincial chairs for your home, you must make sure that you look out for these characteristics:

#1. The  Material

The French provincial chairs are mostly made up of natural materials such as wood, stone, straw and metals like wrought iron. These materials give the furniture an elegant style and serene value. It is better to avoid more modern materials in placing chairs of this style, but you can make use of glass in the decor to enhance lighting in the room.

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#2. The Color

If you look carefully at the French style of furniture you will realize that all the colors used are from the nature itself. From the farm to the flowers, the nature reflects itself openly in the French style decor. But this is also to be seen that the French style mostly uses white as the base color over which other pastel colors find their place here and there. So if you are looking out for French provincial chairs, you must look for white and its shades. The distressed look of the paint also gives it a more authentic feel. The rustic look gives a feeling that the furniture has been with your family for a very long time.

#3. The  Carvings

Now this is something that actually gives French provincial chairs the look that you want. This furniture has ornate carvings that are distinct for French style furniture. These carvings are not very intricate or bold but definitely give you the feel of antiquity and provincial furniture.

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#4. They  Are  Handcrafted

This is yet another feature of the French provincial chairs that make them unique. Since there are elaborate carvings and curvy lines, it is impossible to create them using machines. These chairs are essentially made by hand and therefore are costlier than normal chairs. These chairs are designed to bring to life a great sense of comfort and coziness.

Those of you who want to have furniture that eludes elegance but still want your home to look stylish and spacious must not forget to check out these chairs and other furniture that is just the right mix of style, design, comfort and space. The chair, or any other furniture in this style is neither too blatant nor too dull, making for the perfect balance of everything. Some people may say that so much pastel is too monotonous, but to break some of that up you can add bright flowers and curtains to add a splash of color and make up for contrast.

French provincial chairs give your home that much required contemporary feel without eliminating the class of the past. The romance of the French exuded by these chairs is definitely going to give your home that warmth and welcoming character that you’ve always wanted.

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