Budget Date Ideas

Isn’t this always the age-old problem? You want to take someone out on a date, but you have no money! Most things to do nowadays are expensive and if you want to be able to afford food, rent, and bills you may not have the budget for it. However, have no fear! Here is a list of budget date ideas that your significant other will love!
  1. Picnic at the park. For as long as dates have existed, people have been doing picnics at the park. Grab a picnic basket and a blanket, make some sandwiches, and head out to your local park, find a shady spot in the grass under a tree and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re sporty, maybe you can bring a ball to kick or throw around after. If you’re artsy, bring some of your art supplies and inspire each other to create beautiful art. If none of that sounds like you, take a walk after and get to know each other!
  2. Volunteer together. While not all volunteer opportunities are the best ideas for a date, some can be quite romantic, and you can donate your time to a worthy cause together. For example, by the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona there exists a non-profit called “Ben’s Bells”. This organization promotes kindness and rewards those who are extraordinary in the community. Something you can do with them is go in and help make and/or paint the clay charms that go on the bells they hand out. This could be a fantastic thing to do; spend some time together and leave feeling good that you’ve done something. After you help make some of the bells, you can grab some tea at the local tea shop, Scented Leaf, and relax.
  3. Start a show together. For nights that you just want to stay in, this is a perfect date idea. Start a show that the both of you agree to watch only when you’re together and you can make a night of binge watching the new season and cuddling or just squeezing an episode in when you both are free for short periods of time.
  4. Make dinner together. This can be a wonderful bonding experience and you later have something delicious to show for it! Sit down, do some research and decide together what would be a fun thing to try and make. Then once you get the recipe, go to the grocery store together, make a day of it, come home, make the meal and then sit and enjoy the meal you made together.
In all honesty, the truth about dates is, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re together. There is nothing wrong with doing something fun and fancy for a date, but you shouldn’t not go on dates just because you’re low on funds. Some of my favorite memories with my husband are times that we just spent time together doing nothing. For our anniversary one year, we went and saw Deadpool and then ate pizza in bed. The point of relationships is to get to know the person, not how elaborate of a date you can put together every time. Just have fun and be with each other!

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