Celebrate the first day of summer!

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It’s time to head to a pool quick!  It’s summertime!  Most students are out of school and headed to their fun activites for the summer.  And, workers start to have early days off on Friday’s…at least I used to when I worked full-time:)  Even if it’s not sunny where you are yet, celebrate what is to come soon!  What’s on your list?  Here are some fun ways to celebrate I found on Pinterest. *Celebrate with an ice cream party.  Who doesn’t love ice cream and it’s the best treat during the summer when it’s hot and you need something to cool you down. *Start freezing your fruit.  What a fun way to enjoy fruit while it’s hot outside. *Make homemade lemonade.  Get started on the lemonade you’ll need to get through the hot summer days:)  Other really cute ideas here. *Have a BBQ, isn’t that what summer is all about?:) *Get a fun, summer mani.  With all of the fun designs people are doing these days, dress up you fingers with some fun designs to celebrate the first day of summer today. *Have a block party with chalk.  Get everyone together to decorate your block and celebrate the first day of summer! *Start camping in your backyard.  My neighbor is doing it with her family and I think it’s the cutest thing! Her kids range in age from 7 to 1!  And they’ve all joined in and even on a weekday!  What a way to get the kids out and enjoy the cooler weather at night! Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities   

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