Chef, Garst Bavier, Joins Maker House!

Maker House Pastry Chef, Garst Bavier.

Maker House Pastry Chef, Garst Bavier.

Maker House is proud to announce that Tucson pastry chef, Garst Bavier has joined their team!

Garst has been providing Maker House with delicious pastries since they opened in October 2013, while also baking for several other restaurants and farmer’s markets in town.  The new year brought a new adventure for Garst, who will now be working exclusively for Maker House. 

Garst was born in Tasmania, Australia, raised in Memphis, Tennessee and classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute in Portland, Oregon.  He has 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry as a saucier, has owned his own Bakery called Bavier’s Bakery and will now act as Catering Manager and Pastry Chef for Maker House.  As you may imagine, there is a strong French influence in Garst’s baking repertoire and some of his signature pastries include croissants, danishes, chocolate tortes, french style cookies and baguettes.

Garst Bavier's Chocolate Torte at Maker House

Garst Bavier’s Chocolate Torte at Maker House

Most of my cakes start with a locally sourced, organic, low gluten Sonoran White Flour.

Garst says the kitchen is one of his favorite places to be, he takes a lot of pride in making quality food for his customers and that begins with superior ingredients.  Most of his cakes start with an organic low gluten Sonoran White flour base that is locally grown and milled in Phoenix, AZ and then shipped two hours to Tucson.  This type of flour has been used in the Sonoran Desert region for over 250 years and Garst is carrying on the tradition.

Another way that Garst separates himself from other bakers is taking the time to prepare laminated doughs, which he describes as a time consuming process beginning with a square piece of dough that is topped with a chilled sheet of butter, folded like a letter and refrigerated.  After the consistency is just right, Garst folds again, refrigerates and folds a third time, creating literally hundreds of flaky layers to enjoy in a croissant or danish.

Pastries by Garst Bavier for Maker House

Pastries by Garst Bavier for Maker House

Garst also contributes to how tasty the Espresso drinks are by making fresh chocolate, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and white chocolate syrups used to flavor Maker Houses’ mochas and lattes.  Garst says that customers especially love the Madagascar vanilla bean simple syrup soaked in bourbon.  Garst likes to start making syrups and pastries when the sun comes up and says that his preferred hours are typical bakers hours which is from 4am-2pm.

Besides being an artisan maker space, community hub, concert venue and bar, Maker House also is available to the public (for the first time in 70 years) to rent for weddings, birthdays and other special events.  Garst bakes delicious organic, locally sourced wedding cakes for couples who tie the knot at Maker House.  Garst has made a large variety of wedding cakes, one of his favorites being his Organic Buttercream Vanilla Sponge Cake.  He can whip up anything you can imagine and will attempt to make anything that is requested by his customers.

The most important aspects of running a kitchen are teamwork, communication and respect.

In the future Garst hopes that Maker House along with his expertise can become known as the only downtown bakery in Tucson, something that the downtown area currently doesn’t have.  Garst also has hopes to teach others how to bake and says his first tip would be to use a timer.  Garst also uses a timer for pizzas, although Maker House’s Kitchen Manager, Rob, prefers to watch the way the crust rises and changes color.  Both Garst and Rob believe that the most important aspects of running a kitchen are teamwork, communication and respect. In order for a kitchen to thrive, those characteristics must be present for the cooks and bakers to care about what they are doing and make the best product they can.

Garst says that he chose to join Maker House because he absolutely loves the staff, “they are very laid back, very warm and very professional.  The space is gorgeous, it is a historic mansion that is developing a bakery, kitchen, beer and coffee bar and a venue which is totally awesome.”

So come on by Maker House to meet Garst and try some carrot cake, danishes, cinnamon maple bacon rolls, scones, muffins, lemon bars, brownies, pecan diamonds or perhaps a raspberry pinwheel!

Garst with the Maker House Robot!

Garst with the Maker House Robot!

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Welcoming Pastry Chef Garst Bavier to Maker House from ArtFire on Vimeo.

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