Chocolate For The Heart

It’s no coincidence that chocolate is the treat of choice for the love holiday.  Here are 3 benefits of cacao that nourish the heart:

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Heart Opener

Cacao, in its raw and unprocessed form, is a food that naturally opens and connects us to our heart space.  It allows us to feel deeper into our emotions and desires.  This is why we share chocolate with loved ones so we can be open and connect with one another perhaps on a more meaningful level.

High in Magnesium

Another major health property of raw cacao is that it is the highest food source of magnesium, which is an essential mineral for many bodily functions.  It relaxes muscles and the nervous system, aids digestion, and alkalizes the body.  Raw cacao also improves sleep, hydrates, and supports bone health.  Magnesium is important for heart health because it keeps calcium levels balanced.

Cacao as an Aphrodisiac

Cacao contains Theobromine, which is a natural occurring chemical that is a stimulant similar to coffee but without the caffeine.  It also relaxes blood vessels, dropping blood pressure, and allowing us to relax.  The Aztecs referred to cacao as food of the Gods mainly due to it containing theobromnie and using it as a healing and opening substance before making love – an aphrodisiac!

A Purified Life Superfood Chocolate is intentionally made with the highest quality fair-trade raw cacao to obtain the endless health benefits of this food. We infuse our bars with a blend of medicinal mushrooms to make them more nourishing and delicious.

These bars are decadent on their own, but if you feel like getting creative, there are many ways to enjoy this chocolate.  One of my favorite ways is simply melting it down and drizzling it over fresh fruit.

For an extra playful experience in the bedroom with your partner, melt the chocolate down and let your imagination and playfulness flow.  

Chocolate Dipped Fresh Figs and Chocolate Drizzled Fresh Apples

Melted Chocolate Drizzled on Creamy Coconut Ice Cream



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