Cold Nights? Hot Chocolate!

I love hot chocolate all year round, but this time of year is the best for this delicious drink.  So I got to thinking… why stick with the same ole’ same ole’ hot chocolate?  Why not experiment a little?  I’ve collected a few different recipes that may replace the usual for you and your family!

Belgian Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of David Lebovitz

We’ll start in familiar territory on this journey of taste.  This recipe from David Lebovitz uses actual chocolate (finely chopped) rather than powder, a little bit of cinnamon, salt, and half-and-half or whole milk.  This drink will be as decadent as you’d like to make it; the blog author was using fairly high end chocolate, and suggests you do the same.

White Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of Helen Polaski

Although I only like white chocolate in small doses (it’s usually too sweet for me), I’m very interested in trying out this recipe from Life 123.  It calls for a LOT of vanilla; vanilla beans, white chocolate, and vanilla ice cream.  To help balance the taste a little, it also calls for some hazelnut flavored dairy creamer.  This could be great with some slightly-sweet biscuits or cookies to dip in this very vanilla concoction.

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of Amy Bronee

Candy canes and hot chocolate make for a very natural pairing, and these pictures (and recipe!) at Family Feed Bag showcase it perfectly.  It’s very easy to make, as long as you’re careful not to boil the mix.  You’ll have a candy cane-y chocolate drink in no time!

Banana Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of Amy Wisniewski

I’ve been on a serious banana kick lately, and I’ve always loved how chocolate and banana tastes together.  I’ll be honest; I never considered blending a banana to mix it in with hot chocolate until I stumbled upon this recipe from Chow. The most difficult part of making this hot chocolate is straining the blended banana mixture over the saucepan, and that’s not too terrible, is it?  🙂

Cherry Cordial Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of Southern Living

This hot chocolate recipe from user Ratherbeswimmin delivers on both appearance and taste.  It’ll take you roughly 10 minutes to throw together, and uses maraschino cherry juice to give the pink coloring and the pink flavoring.  Sprinkle the top with a maraschino cherry garnish, and you’ll have a drink that’s perfect for cherry lovers.

Peanut Butter Curry Hot Chocolate

Courtesy of Stephanie Stiavetti

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, curry? In my hot chocolate?  Or maybe it was the peanut butter that threw you off.  Wouldn’t that just turn it into a sort of thick chocolate sludge?  Well, fret not, dear reader.  This recipe from The Culinary Life calls for blending if you can’t get all of the peanut butter lumps mixed into the milk properly.  This recipe is definitely for the more adventurous; even I’m still having trouble processing the use of curry in a sweet drink.  But I’d love to try it out! It’s cold outside (for me, anyway, maybe you’re fortunate enough to be in a warm place!), so hopefully these recipes will help you warm up.  Maybe they’ll even give you other ideas for things to throw into your usual hot chocolate.

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    Re the curry in hot chocolate: in other cultures, especially Mexican, a dash of hot pepper is used with chocolate. For cooking, they have a chocolate mole that is quite spicy. Lindt (I think that’s the brand) makes a dark chocolate bar with chile in it, very delicious! Will try the curry recipe tomorrow…

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