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For a long time my wardrobe, and my life, was filled with a lot of monochrome. Plenty of black and white shirts, uninspiring wall colors.  This is especially disheartening during the winter months, when people are starved for light enough as it is. Why add to your gloomy January day by wearing a black shirt, surrounded by white walls?  Let’s inject a little color into our lives!


Courtesy of Stuff Etc Online

You might look at this picture and immediately think “Nope, not for me!”.  I thought the same thing, not too long ago.  But don’t be frightened!  Vividly colored leggings or tights are a simple and funky way to brighten up your wardrobe.  Check out some adorable tights here and a pretty outstanding plus-sized tights/leggings store here.

Bright Jackets

Courtesy of Obviously Marvelous

This is another way of bringing some color to your wardrobe, and it doesn’t even have to be something you wear all day! Brightly colored jackets also make winter photos a lot better. Or, at least, help make the subject of the photo more defined.  🙂


Courtesy of Vismaya

Ah, my current (and only) fashion obsession: scarves.  I have scarves like you wouldn’t believe, and I still don’t feel like I have nearly enough of them.  I like to pretend that the amount of scarves I own makes up for the amount of shoes/purses/jewelry I don’t own.  Maybe I’m just fooling myself.  In any case, it’s easy (and fun!) to put together a neutrally colored outfit, finishing the look by wrapping a brightly colored scarf around your neck.

Colorful Rooms

Courtesy of Margy’s Musings

I would never have walked into a white room and said: You know what?  I’d love to have teal walls and a purple ceiling.  But this picture makes me want to do just that.  There are a lot of other equally colorful/beautiful pictures at Margy’s Musings, I definitely suggest you check them out.

Courtesy of Inmsal

I’m almost certain it’s physically impossible to be in a bad mood when your bedroom looks like this.

Courtesy of DigsDigs

If you are hesitant to paint your whole room in one bright shade, maybe another route is to simply decorate with colorful accents.  A lot of colorful accents!  This, and many other ideas found at DigsDigs.

Sun Lamps

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Last, but not least… literally a “bright” item.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I find that I’m starving for natural light by the time November rolls around.  Even if we had a rare late summer that stretched its light into October, like we did in 2012. There’s a lot of research out there about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and although it definitely doesn’t affect everyone… it’s not necessarily a bad idea to jump start that Vitamin D production!  Here’s a little bit of information about the benefit of sunlight lamps, and here’s a link to a sunlight lamp that had some really great reviews on Amazon.  Definitely feel free to do your own research, however; these lamps aren’t for everyone.  🙂 And there you have it!  Time to go paint the town orange/yellow/turquoise/fuchsia!

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