Creative Aspects of Business Websites

Many people think creativity has no business on business websites. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong! First of all, we are all aware of the fact that being a businessperson and running a company is a serious endeavor and, in order to also be taken seriously, one must project an image of a person and a company where there is absolutely no silliness or any sort of freedom of creative expression. This opinion is a bit conservative and it can only get you to a certain level on the market. However, a degree of adequate creativity can get you much further.

Some customers need a company that will do the same job as many others can, but other customers will want something different, something unique. That doesn’t ’mean your company should do what no other does, but merely a company that does similar things others do, but in a special way. If you do believe your company is unique, make sure to show that on your website by expressing some creative thought. The right people will respond well and that will be the distinction you need in today’s world of business.

Colors and fonts

The business websites color dogma needs to be broken. Enough with grey, indigo and black. There are other colors that can make your website attractive without seeming frivolous. The same principle goes for fonts. You can use any font you like, but don’t do it just to look different. We’ve had it with business templates for websites and we’re desperately craving some originality. So, feel free to use various colors and fonts to create a really enticing website; you know, the kind that won’t provoke a yawn from people who visit it. This way, customers should be flocking to your business more than ever.


Graphic material has an important role in creating first impressions. This is why you need to try very hard and choose photos carefully. Ideally, you should hire a professional photographer to take photos at every event organized by the company or any moment you think the public would be interested to know about how your company works. However, a limited budget may be preventing you from doing so. If that is the case, consider getting some good quality photos online, but be very careful since your photos need to be free for commercial use. One of the ways to make sure you are not breaking any rules, is to get photos from legit websites that distribute photos that are free for anyone to use.

Social Media

Make sure your website is synced with all your social media accounts. Not only that this shows that people at your company are a modern, internet-savvy and computer-literate group of professionals, but it also enables people to reach you anywhere and they will be able to find all the information they need in one place. In that respect, try to differentiate a bit between your social media accounts. For instance, Instagram should be filled with photos and Facebook could have longer texts, while Twitter can contain announcements that are short and to the point. Keep all the most important info on all accounts, but make differences in the details, so your loyal customers who follow you everywhere wouldn’t get really bored.


The concept of memes is no longer that new and many people are not only familiar with it, but use it on a daily basis. It’s no longer limited to only young people. Everyone is thrilled with the idea of memes. It is almost like a new language, it’s a fun and intelligent way to communicate with others using more than words. In addition, it is another way for you to communicate with your audience. Your website should definitely have memes. Naturally, everything should be done in moderation, and the tone of your memes shouldn’t clash with your company’s style, but given that you can create your own memes, it’s a great chance for you to express your originality and wits. Your audience will love it and you can be certain you’ll have their loyalty in the future.


Design is not the only area you can express your creativity in. Content is something even more important than design. The shiny colors and fonts are there to attract people, but quality content is what’s going to make them stay. In that respect, hiring someone who has some good writing skills and is successful in making jokes and puns can be a great idea. Start from yourself – you’d probably also like to read fun and interesting texts on websites of various businesses instead of dry boring ones. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should disregard the main reason you have the website. Every detail should be clear, as should the organization of the site, and information about who you are and what you do should be highlighted. Keep the good stuff, just try to spice it up with something fun.

All in all, we live in a world of change. Simply copying what other people are doing won’t get us very far. Don’t be afraid to do what nobody else has done before you. Be confident and courageous. Be a trendsetter and a visionary. Don’t be afraid and don’t let anyone break your spirit. If you want to be the best at what you do, you need to free your mind of any prejudice and let your imagination run wild and just see what happens. Believe in yourself and others will believe in your vision of the world as well.


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    Bilal Ahmaduhammad Bilal

    Great detailed post. Amazing.

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    How to “sell” a novice artist and provide his business start-up with orders? I think that the case below can open the door not only to artists, but also to provide start-up for any small business if it’s right to position yourself to the target audience and not follow the templates.

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    If you have right combination of design and high-quality content, then you don’t need to worry. Thanks for the post!

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