Dealing with Toxic People in Style

Lilac Lion "Pacific City" via Flickr

image by Lilac Lion “Pacific City” via Flickr

We are social beings – cell in hand.  But what happens when you cannot necessarily deny a friend request or ignore a text?  Among our social circle, there are some attitudes that are just plain toxic and stressful…totally not worth it!

Toxic person (n): “someone who embarrasses you in social situations in order to gain attention; someone who constantly betrays your trust; someone who is ok one on one, but will turn on you as soon as other people are around…”

-Thanks, Urban Dictionary.

Here are some ways to gain some clarity and extra time (with those you enjoy)…

  1. Set Boundaries Toxic people attempt to engulf you into their sea of sad – ignoring your advice and enjoying the attention of their vip pity-party.  As you and I know, there’s a fine line between listening and becoming head deep in their negative emotions.  I advise you to take caution and set boundaries when needed.
  2. Be Happy When You Wanna Be Don’t allow others to determine your happiness!  Be your own master…a little self empowerment never hurt no one.  Any success should be celebrated regardless of what your toxic pals are doing.  Woot!
  3. Foster a Support System Without a doubt battling toxic folk is exhausting!  To aid the mental wreckage, surround yourself with supportive and wonderfully-willing friends who are helpful in difficult situations.  Your family can be a great support system as well.
  4. Rise Above Toxic people drive you the wrong kind of crazy with their irrational behavior.  Since their behavior is anti-reason…why allow yourself to respond and become emotionally sucked into the mess?  Remove yourself from their traps and rise above!
  5. Eliminate Negativity It’s unfortunate we are all prone to absorbing other’s negativity.  It’s necessary to realize the effects others have on you emotionally – but the negative self-talk established from that can sometimes intensify the negativity.  Stop!  We both know you’re a fabulous creature…simple avoid all negative self-talk and those who cause it!
  6. Skip Another Cup of Coffee Yikes!  As a “coffee-holic” I must admit this tidbit of advice seems unsettling.   However, when noting the fact caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline which initiates the “fight-or-flight” response, I would rather stay sweet and not sour from one drink too many.
  7. Get Some Beauty Sleep Too many late nights can weaken your emotional intelligence and ability to manage stress levels.  Pick the right parties to attend in order to get additional shut-eye.  You will be thanking yourself (and moi) when you conquer the world…and toxic fools tomorrow!
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