Delightful Deco Mesh

Being born and raised in the southwest has its drawbacks  One of them being I had no idea what deco mesh was until a friend from Louisiana introduced me to the magical stuff.

For those of you who have not had the privilege of being exposed to deco mesh, it is a versatile material that resembles a wide and loosely woven ribbon.  It has a wire that runs through both sides which makes it great for wreaths, garlands, bows, ruffles, swagging, and so much more!

One of my favorite deco mesh projects is making a wreath.  You can use various sizes, colors, and patterns of deco mesh in combination with ribbons and do-dads (you know, those sparkly fruits, glittery pinecones, adorable scarecrows that are on wire sticks).


  • 1 wreath frame
  • 1-2 rolls of deco mesh
  • 1-2 rolls of ribbon
  • A plethora of do-dads (keep your receipt, you may not use everything)
  • Pipe cleaners or floral wire

Many wreath frames have pre attached pipe cleaners on them.  If yours does not, be sure to have plenty of 3” floral wire or pipe cleaner pieces cut and ready to use.  You start by securing one end of your decor mesh to the underside of your wreath. You are now going to make a “poof” by pinching the deco mesh about 8” away from where you stated.  If you started on the outside ring, move to the next ring in. If you started on the inside, move one ring out. Secure the mesh with a wire. You will continue to do this until you have gone all the way around the ring.  Be sure to keep moving and and out, you do not want all of your loops to land on the same ring. (If this is confusing, check out the videos on YouTube that will walk you through the process.)

Once you make it all the way around your frame, secure the deco mesh and cut it off leaving at least a 1” tail so it doesn’t fall out.  You will repeat this process with your other deco mesh and if you like, with a roll of ribbon. Be sure to secure your other materials in different places than you did before.  You are trying to cover the wreath frame so you do not see it at all.

Now come the do-dads!  You can go as crazy or as simple as you like.  I have found it is best to stick these in random places and then take a step back to take a look.  You may decide to move things around quite a bit before you love it. Once you have everything where you like them, you will twist the stems around the wreath frame to secure them into place.

I like to finish off my wreaths by filling the center with a “letter” (the first letter of your last name) or a cute sign.

If wreath making isn’t your thing but you would still love to have one, we have you covered.  We have some talented artisans who have dozens of wreaths ready for you to order.

If you are looking for more decoration inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards!  Happy crafting!

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