Designing an Email Newsletter for your ArtFire Store

Why are Newsletters Important?

Designing an Email Newsletter for your ArtFire Store

Email newsletters are important to your business for a couple reasons:

First, email newsletters can help you build a relationship with your customers. Newsletters create a sense of inclusion within your customer base, the more included and connected to you your customers feel, the more likely they will be to purchase something from you. In addition to an increased personal connection, the customer will also have a clearer idea of who you are and what you do as a business.

Second, by sending out email newsletters on a regular basis you will be able to stay in the forefront of the consumers mind, and create a routine such that the customer will come to expect and even look forward to your regular emails. Staying in front of the eyes of the customers as much as you can is just smart marketing.

What Can I Do to Create an Effective Newsletter?

To create an effective newsletter you need a couple different aspects to it.


The graphics for your newsletter don’t have to be extremely intricate or advanced but they should be consistent. For example, if your logo that you include in the heading of your newsletter is blue and purple, you should stick with that color scheme throughout the rest of the email. If you have links that you want noticed, buttons you want pressed, or specific phrases you want paid attention to, you may want to put those in one of the token colors featured in your logo. Consistency, also, does not end there; to remain consistent you should be using the same template for your emails from week to week. This consistency will help your customers recognize your brand when they come across it as well as build a certain level of trust with your consumers.

Newsletter Graphics and Color


It’s unavoidable, if you have an email newsletter, you have to have news. If you are releasing a new item, feature that as your news. If you are moving your physical store, make that your story for the week. However, it doesn’t need to be breaking news every time you send out an email. The best way to make sure that you have information to go out to your customers every week is to have an archive of content that won’t expire. For example, if you are selling healing crystals, you may want to have a couple of articles on how you find them, how to use them, or which stones might be best for them. Having something related to your store that the customer can consume every week is a fantastic way to build reliability.

Call to Action

With email newsletters, calls to action are typically found in the form of a button with a brief statement. They can say things ranging from “Shop *this featured product*” to “Read Article” if you have an interesting post you’d like to share. These calls to action are important because customers don’t tend to go out of their way to find things, if you want a customer to view a certain thing, you need to give them an obvious means.

Newsletter Call To Action


The last important aspect of an email newsletter are the links that you put in it. Link out to your store as much as you can in your newsletter; link out to different featured products, link to your about me, and just about anything else that is applicable. The more links you can reasonably fit in there, the more chances there are that a customer is going to reach your storefront and purchase something.

If you would like any more advice about how to run your ArtFire store most effectively, be sure to check out our other seller blogs right here!

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