Dinner and a Movie

More and more of us are looking for alternate ways to have fun while staying at home.  My family has been entertaining ourselves by picking a new recipe to try and then watching a movie that pairs with the meal.  Here are a couple of our favorite Dinner and a Movie themes: 

Pasta & Lady & the Tramp

Time to break out the pasta machine and make some homemade pasta!  If you don’t have a favorite pasta recipe, give ours a try.

Dumplings & Kung Fu Panda

For YEARS we have watched Kung Fu Panda and always commented on how yummy the dumplings look.  We took a trip to the local Asian Market, bought some wonton wrappers, a bamboo steamer, and all the ingredients to make the dumpling filling.  Well, turns out we were right; dumplings are delicious!  Here is the recipe we used.  If you have littles who want to play along, check out this adorable bamboo steamer toy set.

Tortillas & Coco

We decided to make both flour and corn tortillas this week. A favorite rolling pin makes life so much easier. We stopped by the local carniceria and grilled some meat to make tacos.  And if you really want to get into the mood, be sure to wrap up in a cozy  tortilla blanket while you watch the show!

Fondue & Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Whether you have a chocolate fountain or an old fashioned fondue pot (or both like me 🙂 ), fondue is always fun!  Some of our favorite fondue dippers include strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, angel food cake, and peanut butter balls.

Butterbeer, Magic Wands, & Harry Potter

We are pretty big Harry Potter fans in this house so butterbeer and magic wands are something that we make fairly often.  For our butterbeer we just use vanilla ice cream, butterscotch, and cream soda.  Magic wands are pretzel rods dipped in melted chocolate and then rolled in sprinkles.  

We have tons more recipes to try and would love to hear some of your ideas!  Be sure to follow our Dinner and a Movie Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

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