DIY Nail Tips

I have always loved having my nails done; there is something immensely satisfying about having long, beautifully colored nails. So, when I got into middle school I allotted some of my allowance money into getting a manicure once every couple months. This continued up through my freshman year of college until I became a fully-fledged starving college student and could no longer afford it. It was at this time that I began to get really good at doing my own nails and today I have some tips to impart on all of you, so you can save money by doing your own nails too.

Invest in some liquid latex for your cuticles, bottles and tubes of this typically retail for between $5 and $14. I do not use this all the time, which is why I still have my tube of liquid latex that I bought months ago. I will only use this when I am doing nail art that is going to be messier than usual, for example gradients, or glitter nails. The liquid latex, when painted on the cuticles around your nails, minimizes fall out and makes for a quick clean up. Despite not using it every time I do my nails (which is probably once every two weeks), I have found that it was a worthwhile investment.

This next tip is going to change your life if you don’t already know about it, I know it changed mine. Have you ever wondered how nail artists get super concentrated glitter nails? It is nearly impossible to get the level of glitter concentration that you want on your nail with the brush alone; for some reason it always turns into a watery, glittery mess. What you are going to do is go to your local drugstore and pick up a bag of disposable makeup sponges. Then when doing your nails, do a layer of one color at the base (I like using black) and then take the glitter nail polish of your choice and paint it on to a small portion of the makeup sponge. Then take the makeup sponge and dab the glitter onto your nails; the makeup sponge absorbs the liquid part of the polish, leaving concentrated glitter for you to work with. Voila! Professional looking glitter nails!

One of my favorite things to do is change the color of my nails, however I didn’t get my strong nails by changing the color every couple days. Typically, I will change colors once every two weeks, alternating between a bright color and a neutral color. However, in those two weeks if the nail polish starts chipping, instead of stripping them down and repainting them entirely, try doing touch ups instead. Take the nail polish and either go over the top of the entire nail or just the part that is chipping; try to make it as flesh to the first coat as possible but at the end of the day, nobody is going to notice unless they look really closely and its better than destroying your nails!

What is your favorite way to do your nails? Any tips I’ve missed?

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