DIY Spa Day: Body Salt Scrub

We all wish we could indulge in a spa day more than we actually do (if ever).  Whether it’s lack of time or finances, it can be easy to push aside that kind of “indulgence.”  Often we see it more as a luxury; when in reality, it should be treated as an everyday activity.

The truth is that self-care is necessary for living a healthy, balanced life.  

When we give more to our job, our family, and our friends it’s possible that we get to a point where we feel depleted.  Even and especially if we are doing great things.  Giving to ourselves first ensures that we always have what we need and won’t lose ourselves in others.  It’s not selfish to take care of ourselves first.

I prioritize self-care daily because I know just how damn good it makes me feel and how better I am able to provide for others – plus, it’s fun!  Most days, I do simple acts of care such as slowing down and drinking a cup of tea without electronics or other distractions; taking a walk in nature; or having a solo dance party in my room.  At least once a week, I indulge in “next level self-care,” where I create a luxurious spa environment at home.

Most days, I do simple acts of care such as slowing down and drinking a cup of tea without electronics or other distractions; taking a walk in nature; or having a solo dance party in my room.

This month on True You Thursday, I’m sharing with you tips on how to create your own spa day at home and how to indulge fully, without guilt or a huge cut in your bank account.  If you want treatments, ideas, and recipes that you can add to your weekly self-care ritual – then follow along!  Subscribe to my True You Thursday series at the end of this post.

First Things First

Going to a spa is great and does make us feel extra special, but I believe that we can actually create this same experience (if not better) for ourselves in our own homes–at low/no cost and perfectly customized to what we are in the mood for.

  1. Plan ahead.  Choose a day each week where you will carve out time to treat yourself to a spa day.  Ideally this is one to two hours.  This may seem like a lot of time, but think of how amazing and rejuvenated you will feel afterwards, as well as the benefits it will carry throughout the rest of the week.  I personally like to do this on a weekend day/evening, but weekdays can be nice too.  Whatever works for you.  Along with planning the day that you will treat yourself big, make sure you have all your supplies ahead of time.
  2. Turn off distractions.  I know this is a tough one for most of us, and I struggle with it myself.  But why have a spa day if we’re not going to be present with ourselves?  I encourage you to make the space for you to be alone, without phone or computers (unless you’re playing music).  Airplane mode comes in handy for this.  Let’s really honor ourselves during this time.
  3. Set the mood.  The best part of a home spa is that there are infinite ways that you can set the mood and environment. You might light some candles or incense; make some tea (I’ll be sharing my favorite beauty tea blends in a future True You Thursday post); decorate your sacred space with crystals and flowers; and/or create a playlist that fits the occasion (I like relaxing music – such as drumming, zen-like music, or anything instrumental that keeps me calm).

Recently, I treated myself to an afternoon at a local spa (it’s also amazing to do sometimes!) and fell in love with the scrub treatment I received.  I had to recreate it at home and now, I’m sharing my version of it with you.  I hope that you can relish in it as well.

Citrus-Lavender Body Salt Scrub


Awakening Body Scrub:

  • ½ cup sea salt or epsom salt
  • 1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, melted coconut oil, or unrefined sesame oil (organic and unrefined if possible)
  • 1 Tablespoon fresh orange, lemon, or grapefruit juice
  • 1 teaspoon dried lavender (optional) or a few drops of lavender oil

How To Use:

  1. Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. Your scrub is ready to use!
  2. Hop in the shower without turning water on. Exfoliate your full body with the salt scrub. Rinse off once finished and enjoy your silky smooth skin.

Now a few more tips on creating the perfect spa day using this scrub:

  • If you tend to have dry skin, you may want to moisturize afterwards.  Also, next week I will be sharing my favorite way to moisturize and how I make my own massage oil at home.  Stay tuned!
  • You can decide to spend as little or as much time as you’d like during this process.  I like to take my time, really enjoy it and savor the experience as if I were at a spa.
  • Give yourself an exfoliating massage!  Exfoliating can be relaxing and detoxifying.
  • Keep in mind that what we put ON our body is just as important (if not more) than what we put into our bodies.  The skin is our largest organ and everything applied on it is directly absorbed into our bloodstream.  Think organic, clean ingredients.  You’ll see significant benefits on your glowing skin.

Remember, we truly lose ourselves, our purpose, and our sanity when we don’t take time for self-care.  It should really be number one priority, in order for us to be fully able to share our wonderful gifts with the world.

Follow along next week as I share more ideas to create your perfect spa day at home, including my favorite massage oil!

Many thanks to Regina Felice Photography for capturing my spa day bliss!

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