Doggy DIY Infographic (Guest Post)

When it comes to our canine friends, it’s hard not to want to pamper them.  I mean, they love us unconditionally and remain loyal to the end.  Pet Supplies and Accessories are some of ArtFire’s top searched and sold items, and we couldn’t ignore such a trend.  That being said, we decided to feature a DIY tutorial specifically designed for dogs!

Photo via ladogstore

Photo via ladogstore

The infographic below gives you all the necessary tools you’ll need as well as really simple and easy to follow step-by-step guides.  The infographic demonstrates how to build some really awesome things for your pooch including toys, puzzles, washers, treat dispensers and feeding stations.

These ideas include some really fun toys, a feeding station, a doggy puzzle to get your pooch thinking, an awesome washing station and a really easy to make dog house.

Doggy DIY Doggy DIY” by PowerTool World.

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