Enable PayPal Express for Parallel Payments

Staring October 1st, 2015 all merchants will be required to support Parallel Payments through PayPal.

Got two minutes? That’s all the time you will need to set up Parallel Payments!  Enabling PayPal Express will allow shoppers to checkout from multiple merchants at once.  If you already have a PayPal account simply go to the Payment Methods page on your MyArtFire Dashboard and press the “Enable PayPal Express Checkout” button, follow the instructions from there.  Alternatively, you can also click the button on the blue bar alert at the top of every page, you must be Logged in to ArtFire to see the bar.

To enable PayPal Express you must have a PayPal account.  

Don’t have PayPal?  Sign Up.  Accepting payments via PayPal is easy!

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on enabling PayPal Express:

Parallel Payments will allow shoppers buying from different merchants to Check Out with one simple and reliable transaction.  Parallel Payments are only supported with everyone in the Cart has Express Checkout Enabled.

Enable PayPal Express Checkout

If your account is not linked with PayPal Express by October 1st 2015 your ArtFire account will not be able to process any orders.

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